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  1. What kind of equipment does one use to need a 100 or even 30 gal aux. fuel tank?<p>With my Kohler 18 hp v-twin mated to a 52&quot;<br>deck I can get almost 8 hours run time (that's on the engine not the PTO) from<br>a 5 gal fuel tank.<p>I just fill whatever two mowers I have on the<br>trailer and have a 2 1/2 gal tank (just in case)strapped down inside a trimmer trap crate mounted<br>over the wheel of the trailer, every working<br>morning b/4 going to the first job. In the<br>morning the hydrocarbons are more dense you<br>then get more bang for your buck.
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    I leave skid steers on job sites, don't like to carry 2 or 3 cans around the trailer, I have a 100 gallon diesel tank mounted in my enclosed trailer and 30 gallon gas tank inside for the saws, plate tampers,and generators. By having the tanks I only fill them up once a week by a service. Also don't have to pay tax on the off road fuel saves money! <p>----------<br>paul<br>
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    I have a simular unit to Keith's. Mine is 20&quot; high by 24&quot; wide and as long as the trailer is wide. It has solid sides with hinged top and steel mesh on the bottom, (same material as tail gate),I put some 3/8 plywood in to set tools on.I would recomend useing Aluminum instead of steel. I designed it to hold two trimmers with handle bars that I use for brush.It holds every thing that I need and then some.
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    Paul, I didn't say which fuel I know.But in Oklahoma the law is up to 60 gals. but only in tanks upto 8 gallons big.You don't have to have a CDL,which I do have,and my tank doesn't have to have #'s on it for gasoline just proper labeling it does have to be certified. Also have to have papers on the fuel to track gallon usage here. Diesel is not this way no signs or limits and such.I have two 1999 725 Grasshoppers and I mow large complexs and can burn 10-15 gallons or more a day and do this 2-3 days a week that would be a lot of filling up those little cans at stations,I like to keep track of the fuel and is easier to do if I buy from one place or as few as I can.<p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>T.J. Greenfield

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