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  1. larryinalabama

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    How many tools and what kind of tool storage are you fellers using for keeping tools on your truck???

    I generally repair stuff in the "field" if possible. I have a craftsmen molded tool case which is nice because its eaisy to see whats missing. However my other tools seem to get scadered everywhere.
  2. Exact Rototilling

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    I ended up buying an el cheapo set at Costco with plastic hard case set to have on truck or trailer constantly. Prior to that I used to pack my old school Snap On tools in a back.breaking hip box but was concerned about loosing my "CORE" made in.the USA tool if they were stolen.

    Minor adjustments can be made out on route but I've learned that burning up too much time on route destroys the day's progress. Typically better off swapping out equipment.... is faster.

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  3. White Gardens

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    We also carried the Craftman molded case with all the sockets and wrenches that we need.

    For the past 6 years, we've also been carrying a 5 gal bucket with the tool sleeve over it. I keep all the hammers, chisels, punches, files, etc.... in the bucket along with my string line, line levels, tape measure, etc..

    I'm thinking about switching to a soft carrying case for the screwdrivers and such and just use the bucket for all my hardscaping type materials.

    The bucket can sometimes be a pain with my big truck and the standard cab. I can put the wrench case behind the seat, but not the bucket, so the soft case is going to go behind the seat also.

  4. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama LawnSite Fanatic
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    I no longer allow Snap On, Mac, or other expensive tools to leave my shop anymore, 1 Snap on wrence costs more that a whole set of craftsman tools. I used to loan stuff but no longer loan any expensive tools.

    I keep spare parts on the truck and for me its cheaper to fix something in the field if possible.
  5. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama LawnSite Fanatic
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    I use a 5 gal bucket for sprinkler stuff, but it seems tools wind up there also.

    Im thinking along these lines,,,

    It would also be handy for occisional trips to pullapart.
  6. zechstoker

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    I've got 3 small cases for tools in the cab along with a tool bag that sits between the shifter and the seat. 4 things of tools, and still don't have everything I actually need for repairs in the field.
  7. ReddensLawnCare

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    Have you considered kobalt? Lifetime warranty and much better store support as their are lowe's everywhere
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  8. Toro 455

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    I took the tailgate off of the truck and mounted a 5 drawer Kennedy chest with S&K wrenches & sockets. There's a sheet of rubber roofing that flops down over the front to keep out the rain.
    Then there's a box I made to fit over the back seat that holds all the big stuff.

    What I want is one of those road service beds like the guys that service semis' have. With a big compressor on one side and a welder on the other side and all the cabinets full of air tools. I would never have to return to the shop for repairs again!

    My shop's stocked with throw away tools from Harbor Freight. (My kids use my shop too.)

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