Top 10 pieces of advice for the new guy

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AMW Landscaping, Apr 14, 2014.

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    What about advice for the little little guy:) I'm only at about 7customers right now but have quite a few that I do odd jobs for or mow while there on vacation etc. and I'm only 14 now and can't (anywhere near) support hiring/getting those at this very time:) (items in the post above) thank you'll!!
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    Agreed. There have been countless times that I answeres my phone and some old lady says " wow, I'm supprised you answered".

    I used "Radians" ear putty and put ear buds in it when it was setting in my ear, then once cured, I cut a little hole with a razor. They are decent at noise reduction, but makes the world silent with ear muffs over them. I used earbuds with a mic on them, so I can hear my phone while running wquipment.

    1 Learn your cost breakdown on every thing.

    2 Have a car phone charger in the truck

    3 Keep back up equipment, even if it doesn't leave with you every day

    4 Smile occasionaly

    5 Keep a few sprinkler risers and a removal tool. The day you don't take it is the day you break 2 high sprinklers at a new property

    6 Buy once, cry once.

    7 if you do mulch and rock, keep a small divider box with samples of locally available stuff

    8 turn it down or sub it out if its beyond your ability

    9 sharpen your blades when they need it

    10 don't be scared to save up some money. A strong positive cash flow let's you execute multiple projects more efficently and snag killer equipment deals when they pop up. Plus, it will be a rough winter if you don't
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  3. scag2015

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    Awesome!!!:)^^^^ I'm loving this thread keep them coming!:)
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  4. AMW Landscaping

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    LLC is a must. Without it you can end up in a world of hurtin

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    LLC and insurance. Keep track of your books and billing answer your phone and make sure you maintain your equipment
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  6. eggy

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    Run away !
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  7. Sponsor
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    Cornwallis and Cutting Edge pretty much hit the nail on the head. Great ones.
    I'll add,

    -You will mess up, learn from it, move on, try not to do it again. Own your mistakes, be a man about it.
    -Quality over quantity and learning to say no are great ones that need a repeat!
    -Never argue with a customer, it is not professional.
    -Enjoy the little things about the job. Sunny day, good workout, being outside, tunes on the radio. They add up.
    -Use Locqus, lol jk.
    -If half your vocabulary consists of profanity, you won't go very far.
    -Look to improve and constructively challenge ways of doing things. It keeps us all sharp and ahead of the curve.
    -Just because you are new does not mean you are valued any less. Step up.
    -Check oil, check oil, check oil.
    -Be aware of your surroundings (look for cars and don't whip dog #$%^)
    -Always pull the truck over to buy from a lemonade stand, there is always time for that. (**Quite possibly one of my favorite things, you never see it anymore)
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    OTE=eggy;5012810] Run away !
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    Yes, this could be true, due too nothing matters if you're not legal.
    Start with, business insurance, license , LLC and all the permits for your county and state. Without that to start with you can forget about the rest.
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  9. grassmonkey0311

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    Although a shiny mower looks great, it doesn't get customers. Spend that extra cash on marketing!
  10. mireland4390

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    I think another good one is to make sure your vehicle isnt leaking fluids....ESPECIALLY if you are parking on a driveway. You never want to leave a mark where your customer doesnt want it...and that goes with anything

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