Top 10 pieces of advice for the new guy

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AMW Landscaping, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Ohhh ok thanks!;)
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    Ok thanks!
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    Man!:), this thread is awesome!!!:)
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    dont yell across yards to coworkers , people living in surrounding homes dont want to hear workers yelling / talking real loud . i wait til coworkers turning towards my space then raise my hand all the way up to signal for attention , or some times i lightly whistle if were close but hes looking other way . then once were looking at each other weve got hand signals for many tasks :

    - touching my belt means BLOWER , b in belt like b in blower . i then point towards area needs blowing

    - patting wallet in back pocket means w in wallet like w in whipping

    - or say were doing a cluster of homes and one customer comes out and doesnt want lawn cut , i get other guys attention then make hand across the throat motion then point to yard that doesnt need cutting . the hand across throat motion always means shut down what you are headed to do or you follow the motion by touching the wallet or belt etc

    - another signal is grabbing ear lobe , e in ear lobe for e in edger

    - making the motion like your throwing a grenade means alot of dog waste in the yard , we call dog waste land mines

    - and just for fun we call customers that stop us frequently and talk a long time lawn hawks that pick us off like little baby rabbits

    - check the oil in mowers n trucks more than you want to

    - you can do a whole bunch for customer relations by utilizing the power of back pack blowers to clean the heck outta places around homes like nooks n crannys of patios / under awnings / under garage & home over hangs etc

    - edge curbs , huge difference in looks of a home missed by many crews
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    Never thought about hand signals. Probably quite the time saver.
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    Also DO NOT SMOKE ON PEOPLES PROPERTY! and if you do smoke it wouldn't hurt to quit.
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    Networking is the most important thing to me. There's always enough work to go around for everyone. No need to act like your god to your competition
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    For us hand signals are key as the guys do t say a word o. The job

    Hand in the air to say look at me
    Hand open and flat, palm down sweep left to right : weed eater here where I am
    Fist at waste level sweeping : blower is needed here
    Finger pointed up at chest level going back and forth is to indicate mow stripes this way.
    A peace sign snip snip : hedge trimmer here
    Hand turning up as to signal a drink being turned up:
    Take a break it'd to hot
    Pointing to 2 or 3 spots of no reference on the yard indicate the direction to pick up debris( limbs, sticks, paper)
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    Standing in a bed or concrete, pointing down with your finger : spray weed killer here in this area.

    Also keep a pair if hand snips in your pocket to trim of limbs as you walk under.

    Try limbing up all if your trees in the early spring do you benefit all season while mowing , not having to duck stuff.
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    Make a promise - Keep a promise. Your image is everything!!!! :clapping:

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