Top 10 pieces of advice for the new guy

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AMW Landscaping, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. JContracting

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    I agree with all these.

    Number 1 is huge! I can't tell you how many of my buddies or guys working for me give me crap about using so much (put it on once every couple hrs). You're in the sun all day long, it's just stupid not to wear it!
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  2. JContracting

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    Being thankful as ryde state is also huge. I often overlook that, a lot. I'm so focused on the future and growth that I sometimes need to think back to 3 years ago when I started out with absolutely nothing but a dream & motivation.

    Under promise & over deliver is another great one.
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    1) Know your numbers backwards and forwards. From time to do this and that, to expenses. Revise often as prices go up.
    2)Always appear professional (clean and organize your stuff and yourself)
    3) Embrace technology text, email , web
    4) Don't take every job
    5) Don't be the cheapest guy in town. You will think its great, so much work. Your cheap clients will refer you to their cheap friends, they will refer you to their cheap family until you are sore, tired, dirty, and fed up with not having enough money (learned this one the hard way)
    6) Don't try to BS your way through situations
    7) Be punctual
    8) Know what you're talking about. Study plants, grass, soil etc.
    9)Don't think the guy in the big house with the expensive car has $1 more than you do.
    10) Talk to neighbors, pest control people, everybody!
  4. ProCuts Lawn Care

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    1. Take care of and maintain your equipment (without it you cant make money)
    2. Stay organized
    3. Act prof look prof
    4. Try your hardest to make contact with client
    5. Show up when you say you will be there
    6. Keep it clean. Your customers don't want grass everywhere.
    8. Don't overload yourself
    9. Own up to mistakes and fix them
  5. Blade Runners

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    Best advice I've read on LS.


    Do good work, always! Neighbors will ask "who does your lawn" and you will get calls and cluster properties in the same neighborhood just based on your quality of work.

    Do little extras for regular customers. They will call you back the next season asking for service.

    The appearance of your vehicles, equipment will bring you business if it is professional looking and well kept. Doesn't have to be a brand new F350 either.
    Same goes for personal/professional appearance.

    Always remember a potential customers name and use it when you meet/greet them. Always hand them a biz card.

    If you don't sell the customer on your services or your quality of service, someone else will. Meet face to face with them and sell yourself, your knowledge, and and your business.

    Educate potential customers. They WILL listen to you and go with your recommendations if you know what you are talking about.

    Make everything convenient for the customer.
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    ^^ Another great one. Fantastic advice. #9 is great and so are the "little extras." Goes a long way.
  7. PicturePerfectLawns

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    I thought #10 was pretty funny. Them dang girls running by in the jogging shorts and expect me to mow or edge a straight line. They know what their doing. There should be a rule about keeping relationships and business separated. I'm 23 and have a 40+ year old customer who's a cop, divorced, and keeps telling me how she's divorced and hasn't been with a man in four years. Now I'm facing the decision to keep it professional and on a business level and servicing the lawn or to go all out and trim her bushes. :laugh:
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    Alright so I'm the "new guy" but I though I'd post my 10 "cents":)
    1. Be a polite person not somebody you hate talking to
    2. Take care of your equipment! Blow it off after arch use and wipe it down once in a while
    3. Keep blades sharp
    4. Do your maintenance! Just because equipment runs ok now does not mean it will last as long as it should.
    5. Have a professional look
    6. Give great service and do the little things to keep customers happy:)
    7. Don't blow 40k on fancy truck and equipment and then you only have one customer!
    8. Wear sunscreen:), and bring plenty of water!
    9. Be thankful
    10. Have a great time!, after all you're getting paid to do what you love:)!!
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  9. AMW Landscaping

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    Lmfao. Thats why you stop the girls running and give them your card. Ask them if the need you to "mow their lawn" if you know what i mean.:laugh::laugh:
  10. PicturePerfectLawns

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    You need to quit giving me ideas. :laugh:

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