Top 10 Ways for Lawn & Landscape Business Owners to Get Motivated

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Sean Adams

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    I wrote this for my blog but I wanted to share it here with everyone....

    Whether you own your business on the west coast and you are dealing with the stress and exhaustion of running your business 52 weeks out of the year, or you own a company on the east coast and you are impatient for the season to get started once again, you should always take some time to get and stay motivated.

    I know it isn't easy - this lifestyle can be stressful and at times very discouraging. But don't let it get to you, just read below and keep your eye on the prize.

    1.) Understand that you have it within yourself to succeed. No one is going to do it for you. If you want to succeed, then look inside yourself and figure out what makes you tick. I know this sounds a little wishy-washy for some, but it works.

    2.) Talk to yourself. I am not suggesting you walk around the streets of your town in a bath robe and discuss rainbows and unicorns out loud. When you are alone - in the truck, in the shower - wherever, start talking to yourself. Do it out loud. Tell yourself you are capable of succeeding. Tell yourself nothing is going to stop you from realizing your dream. Say and repeat that you will accomplish all of the tasks in front of you. Hearing your own voice makes it more real versus just thinking about it.

    3.) Challenge yourself daily. Put an obstacle in front of you that will take some effort to accomplish. Focus on getting it done. Nothing is more motivating than winning at a challenge - even if that challenge was created by you.

    4.) Don't just go through the motions. Ask yourself "WHY". Why are you here? Why did you get into business in the first place? Why are you capable of succeeding? Why is nothing going to get in your way? Why are you working as hard as you do? When you ask yourself these questions, it will pick you back up and allow you to refocus.

    5.) Smack yourself in the face or jump on the bed. I have a degree in Psychology (don't ask...). One of the first things I learned was that an effective way to change your mental state (indecision, depression, lack of energy) is to change your physical state. Get up and start doing jumping jacks. Chase your kids around the room. Take the dog for a walk. Snap yourself out of the mood you are in and get moving. While you are moving think about what you need to do to get one step closer to achieving your goals.

    6.) Set HUGE goals. Tell yourself you want to own a $20 million landscaping business. Decide that you want to improve your community and your local economy by employing 100 people. Decide you want to be one of the top 25 most successful businesses in the industry. State out loud that you want to make $1 million a year in salary from your business. It is human nature - set your goals high and do whatever you can to reach them. If you fall short of your goal of a $20 million business, and only reach $12 million, still not bad, huh?

    7.) Reward yourself. Set benchmarks for you and your business to achieve. Each time you reach a benchmark, you get something for yourself. Determine ahead of time what the benchmark is and the reward you will receive. Let's say that one benchmark is you sell $100,000 in new business by February 1st. If you accomplish this you get to buy that (fill in the blank) you have had your eye on.

    8.) Talk to and hang around with and email and talk on the phone with successful people. Find people who have achieved what you are hoping to achieve. Find an expert or a mentor or someone who has already been down the road you are travelling. Talk to them, learn from them, listen to their stories. Listen to how they accomplished their goals and recognize that you can do the same.

    9.) Invest in yourself and your business. Knowledge is power. You can be the most motivated person in the world with big dreams, but if you do not know how to run your business the right way, chances are, things aren't going to work out as well as you planned. Nothing is more motivating than when you learn something that you know will have an immediate and lasting impact on the success of your business. You don't have to be a student to learn. Determine where you fall short, figure out what you really need to learn, and find that knowledge.

    10.) Tell people what you intend to achieve. For some people this may be pressure. For those who are truly motivated to succeed, it is just another way to put it out there that you have no intentions of failing - you insist upon success and letting others know only confirms how confident you are that you will succeed.
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    Awesome post Sean. Im going to print this out and put in a frame on the wall in my office. Ive found a new motivation and drive this season. My first child is due in May, a boy. I want to build a business my son will be proud to be part of.
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  3. Sean Adams

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    That's what I'm talking about! Congratulations on the upcoming addition to the landscaping crew....I mean family!
  4. larryinalabama

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    Thanks for another great post!

    Last year I finally got more accounts than I want, and updated alot of equiptment, as well has did a lot of work on my truck. I also have improved a little bit on winter work but still need to grow in that aera.
    With that being said Im having trouble in motivating myself in personal stuff. I have too many projects going and none of them seem to get finished.
  5. JContracting

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    Agreed. I'm doing the same. Printing right now. Too many "business owners" especially on this site never think they could become a 1, 2, 10, 20 million/yr company. As the quote in my signature (before I discovered Pro Turf's quote) stated, "You have to think big to make it big".
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    I needed to see this today. We all have things that we want to do, achieve, build....but thinking about all the stuff I need to do and should have been doing from jump kinda gets me down and I loose the big picture. Baby steps steps........over time will equal leaps and bounds. Thanks Sean for the much needed inspiration.
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  8. Sean Adams

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    I'm glad it was helpful guys... It's a lot easier to get discouraged and to give up than it is to move forward and keep your eye on the prize. Those that find a way are the ones who are on top. Luck rarely has much to do with it.

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