Top 5 Mowing Complaints

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    I am writing an article about the Lawn & Landscape industry as a whole & looking for some supporting information regarding customer complaints. As business owners & professionals you have run the gamut of customer interaction & expectation. Could you share some of the top complaints that you receive. For example, blowing grass in mulch beds, scalping grass when trimming, spin marks, etc....
    Thank you
  2. lawnangel1

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    too fast, too high, too low
  3. Az Gardener

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    Not to sound arrogant but I can't recall getting a complaint about mowing, its about as basic as you get. I can give you my complaints that I point out to prospective clients when they call me for a bid. I ask them specifically what they don't like and they just tell me it dosen't look good but they have trouble putting their finger on the reason why. So in no particular order
    • Burnt edges from poor line trimming
    • Mowing the same pattern week after week and causing ruts.
    • Damaging trees and shrubs from poor line trimming or bumping with mowers.
    • Not being proactive about treating brown spots.
    • Poor line trimming in general, missing areas, not feathering in uneven mow areas etc.
    • Damage caused by mowers black marks on walls from the tires, chipped patio's and borders.
    • Breaking sprinkler heads and not fixing them.
  4. ajslands

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    Too fast, too high, too low... Those for sure and then, mowing to late, mowing too early. Other than that, I don't get too many complaints, I've actually never gotten the "too fast complaint" but I try to be as professional as possible and can accomadate any customer!
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  5. ajslands

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    You break it you pay for it! That is a must!
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  6. ProMo

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    If I break it I charge to fix it
  7. dgw

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    the biggest complaint that has gotten me jobs was, they stopped showing up
  8. AA+ landscaping

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    Not cleaning off driveways,walkways.etc.
  9. procut

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    Number one complaint is most definatly problems with grass clippings not blown off, or not blown off well enough.

    Number 2: Mowing too fast

    Number 3: Cutting too high, I can think of only maybe once someone wanted it left longer, it's always, "Cut it shorter!"

    That's really about all I can think of.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    only mowed every other pass, to fast, to high, not a real biz so you cant charge tax, you cause weeds in my lawn/beds, caused the leaves to fall to early, caused the annuals to die to soon, brown lawn after 6 weeks of 85+ degrees and no rain.

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