Top 5 Things You LOVE About YOUR Business

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BckYrdLmbrJk, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    Believe me, I am all about education.... I think it is great that you are going to school.

    I have a bachelors in Political Science and wouldn't trade the education that I got for the world.

    Coincidentally, I decided to work in the Green Industry because I have such a love and passion for it...

    Enough about me though...... Just hear me out on this....

    There are probably a million and one garages, workshops, sheds, etc..... around your school where you could store your equipment for a reasonable price....

    Don't go crazy, I mean, you do have to study sometime right? LOL... But take on some work here and there to not only keep some cash flow going but also to keep your mind and body sharp as well.....

    And there is nothing more pimp than rolling up to all the parties on Frat Row as a freshman and telling all the chicks.. "Oh, that truck? Yeah, that's mine, I own my own business."

    "Sure you can come back to the garage and use my grease gun."
  2. Roger

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    JC, ... BTDT, 2X. History is a good teacher.

    Statistics help as well,
    (one of many, many such sites)

    When I see somebody has an interest in education, I wll not pass the opportunity to encourage them to follow the path. Again, BTDT.

    Our country badly needs those in STEM to grow the economy. His interest in pursuit of engineering education should be great cause for encouragement to this end. "Grass cutting" or derivates thereof, is hardly a path to grow the economy. As said earlier, there will always be no shortage of those wanting to do the grass cutting, or derivatives. No condensending on those who may that choice, but time to applaud those wanting to take another path that holds an interest for them.

    Solo op, or not, ... principles are uncoupled.
  3. Armsden&Son

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    Hey Roger...

    I just can't figure it out and it's killing me trying to...

    What the heck does BTDT mean?
  4. cpllawncare

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    "Been there done that"
  5. aaronmg

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    I love buying new equipment...

    I love consistantly charging more for my services and consistantly being the winning bidder.

    I love pulling a 16' trailer behind my truck and knowing that if a red squirrel runs out into the road, I have 2X the chance of running it over.

    I love transforming the weediest yard in the neighborhood into the yard who has no grass, and then I charge them a arm and a leg to lay sod.

    I love clients who pay on time.
  6. Roger

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    Thank you!
  7. Valk

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    I had to look it up:
  8. Armsden&Son

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    Yeah bro, killing squirrels is AWESOME!!!!

    Did you shoot the neighborhood cats and dogs with a pellet gun when you where a little boy too?

    Sorry man, but this is one guy that is not into ANY kind of animal cruelty....

    And for those of you that want to argue it.... Yes, I hunt.... and Yes, that is different....

    GARRETTWOOD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Taking a property that has absolutely no landscape, and transforming it into a beautiful work of art. Perfect cut edges, quality plant materials and a finish mulch job that nobody can match, Absolute perfection for the customer.
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  10. mdvaden

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    Decided to write this before reading any others, so it's fresh off my own mind first.

    1. Trees ... first and foremost my favorite part of horticulture.

    2. Enjoy interacting and visiting with people.

    3. I like problem-solving ... good way to apply it.

    4. Working outdoors is awesome.

    5. Can set my own schedule for the more part.

    Since I started photography too, the trees and people part have definitely helped me in that department too.


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