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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowinmoney, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. mowinmoney

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    I have ran a few searches with no luck. Anyone know if there are published lists of the biggest companies in our industry. Nation, state, etc?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    The magazine Lawn and Landscape I believe lists the top 100.
  3. Jason Pallas

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    It does - the list was just published in the last month or so.
  4. JimLewis

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    I don't have a copy of the current Lawn & Landscape Mag. with the recent "State of the Industry Report", which lists all of the top co's in our industry as well as a lot of other interesting details. But I did keep a copy of the Year 2000 edition. Here are a few of the top ones back then....

    1) TruGreen Chemlawn. Memphis, TN. Revenues = $900,000,000.

    2) TruGreen LandCare. Memphis, TN. $700,000,000

    3) Environmental Industries. Calabasas, CA. $458,000,000

    4) The Davey Tree Expert Co. Kent, OH. $308,000,000

    5) The Brickman Group. Long Grove, IL. $190,000,000

    6) The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co. Stamford, CN. $114,000,000

    7) Rentokil Environmental Svs. Riverwoods, IL. $71,000,000

    8) Randal & Blake Inc. Littleton, CO. $68,000,000.

    9) Lawn Doctor. Holmdel N.J. $56,000,000

    10) OneSource Landscape & Golf Svs. Tampa, FL. $55,000,000

    11) The Weed Man / Tuf Mgmt. Systems Inc. Mississauga, Ontario Canada. $55,000,000

    12) Gothic Landscape Inc. Valencia, CA. $52,000,000

    13) TruGreen Interior Plantcare. Memphis, TN. $44,000,000

    14) OMNI Facility Resources Inc. Landscape Group. S. Plainfield NJ, $34,000,000

    15) Save On Enterprises Inc. Venice FL. $33,000,000

    16) The Bruce Co. of Wisonsin Inc. Middleton & Racine WI. $31,000,000

    17) Grounds Control Inc. San Antonio TX. $30,000,000

    18) American Landscape Cos. Canoga Park, CA. $30,000,000

    19) Oak Leaf Landscape Inc. Anaheim CA. $30,000,000

    20) The Care of Trees. Wheeling, Il. $29,000,000

    Some other honorable mentions....

    34) Teufel Nursery, Inc. Portland, OR. $19,000,000 (Hurrah! Someone from my hometown. Although they're a direct competitor of ours.)

    71) ProGrass Inc. Wilsonville, OR. $10,000,000. Another local competitor for me.

    73) Dennis' Seven Dees Landscaping. Portland OR. $9,700,000. Same.

    100) Bratt Inc. Pleasant Grove, CA. $7,200,000 (Just so you know what it took that year to make it into the top 100).

    CA had the most companies in the top 100 with 11 total.

    FL = 9

    OH = 6

    NJ = 6

    TX = 4

    And the rest of the states all had 3 or less.

    Wish I had a copy of the newer report.
  5. sgreanbean

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    I have the current list (if i can findit!) and ill post the top ten
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi Jim,

    Great post. Thanks for the information!

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