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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by lawnspecialties, Mar 9, 2007.

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    OK, I get my February edition of Landscape Management today, March 9! But in there I see a couple of ads for TopChoice fire ant control plus fertilizer. One talks about the improved results with this type application and one talks about getting a $6 per bag rebate, etc.. Well, since I've already bought my fertlizer and my TopChoice for this season, I guess I'm just out of luck, huh?

    Either the the folks who decided to put out an ad on a southern turf product a month too late are just ad wizards. Or Landscape Management owes some companies a refund. Oh well, not for me to decide.

    My question, though: How many of you have tried this combo? I know it's new and like I stated, too late for me in '07. But if the prices are better and/or the results are better, my interest for '08 is obviously peaked.

    Just wondering from some of my good ol' southern friends.
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    I think part of the answer lies in the fert. TopChoice, a Beyer product, is the best fire ant product there is, bar none, and the cost of TopChoice is fairly predictable. However when it is combined with fertilizer the fertilizer cost is very unpredictable, it is a commodity and is currently going through and will most likely continue to go through significant price changes. As addressed in other recent post on this site we all need to be prepared for the volatility in fertilizer prices that are rapidly increasing as the demand for ethanol increases.

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