Top Dresser Design..looking for input

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Apr 12, 2009.

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    sounds good....
  2. MikeBJH

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    I bought an ecolawn spreader last year and it worked pretty well, 100times better than shovel and wheel barrow. It had a few weak points in design and durability but overall i was pretty satisfied with productivity. If i would change anything i would make it a little bigger and beefier, commercial grade, possibly a 1 yard hopper and hydro drive for sure. What i am interested in this year is a better way to get compost into spreader. Shovels work ok for smaller jobs but i have a 120k lawn that i put 50-60 yards down and we currently rent/borrow a skidsteer to load hopper but i am thinking a blower system, like a heavy duty leaf sucker might be the ticket. Maybe a little 5-10 hp motor and an intake hose to put into pile or trailer and an outlet hose to fill hopper. I have no experience with these blowers so i don't know how well they would work. Finn has a full blown trailer that can handle bark mulch but i am thinking portable unit and less $$$.
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    Mike if you were to do it again. Would you buy another ecolawn? I'm looking to add a top dresser and the ecolawn is the most economical machine that actually looks like it can get the job done. The others are met-r-matic and earth and turf sp But they are considerably more money. If David gets a machine in production I would certainly consider one. I have the revitilizer and love it! One other question. The ecolawn has a rotary spreader below the you find it difficult to see where you have spread and where you have not as opposed to the drop style of the earth and turf or met-r-matic? I was looking at finns smallest model and it looks nice but it's about $20,000
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    I've been very happy with my Earth & Turf 100sp

    It's very well built, easy to handle, gets into tight spaces nicely, safe to use. Top of the line IMO. It costs about $6,500.00

    If a machine can do what this one does for $3-4,000.00, it would be a winner!

    I would love to see a self propelled machine that can self load and aerate while top dressing. :clapping::dancing::)
  5. MikeBJH

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    I looked at all the top dressers before i bought the ecolawn and they all seem to be the drop type. The spread action of the ecolawn is what really sold me. It seems like the drop type would take forever to cover a large area and you would have to keep your lines perfect or you would see a lot of double covered strips. I would buy the ecolawn again but in a perfect world i would like to see it constructed a little stronger. The meter matic and earth and turf look to be a bit more rugged but they need to make them broadcast.
    Its pretty easy to tell where the material is going and where you have been if you open the gate all the way. If applied heavy egnough you can see it on top of the grass. I apply the compost in the same way as fertilizer, make a strip and then when i make the next i throw it to my tire tracks of the first strip. You get good double coverage this way and no missed areas. With the compost i am using applying using this method and the gate fully open i go through 1yard of compost for every 2k of turf.
  6. phasthound

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    I looked at both drop spread & broadcast top dressers before buying the Earth & Turf. What sold me on the drop spread was the control of applying material and the amount it holds.

    Yes, a broadcast will empty faster but if it holds less material that gain is lost by the amount of time it takes to get back to the material and reload.

    The precision of the drop spread, reduces clean up time due to over spreading & reduces hand spreading in hard to reach areas.

    The Earth & Turf is built to last a lifetime.
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    And with an accessory lawn chair so you can watch the machine while IT works.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    then ill pay what it takes
  9. phasthound

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    And don't forget the chilled cup holder. :)
  10. starry night

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    I bet David is glad he asked for our input. Where else could he get such great ideas except from us professionals!!

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