Top Dresser Design..looking for input

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. LawnSolutionsCP

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    I couldn't agree more. My yard is 100% clay.
  2. hunter

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  3. Prolawnservice

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    1. I would want it to be maneuverable, in to tight areas and back out again easily, easy to turn even when fully loaded.

    2. Controls all where they can be reached while in use. Something that can spread even the wettest compost, evenly(for the most part) without bridging.

    3. Readily available, common, easy to change parts.

    4. A decent warranty and a manufacture that will go the extra mile and stand behind their product 100%.

    5. Able to be loaded easily, short enough if a dump bed is tilted that it could fit under, and have the compost knocked down into it.

    6. Powder coated or a very durable paint, so it doesn't look too shabby after a short amount of use.

    7. Durable everything else so it lasts, grease fittings, ball bearings, heavier gauge metal where its needed, etc...

    8. Honda engine, or a small reliable diesel.
  4. roccon31

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    couldnt agree more, especially on the honda. VERY IMPORTANT that it says honda on it. one pull starts, every time, no matter what the weather. never had ANY other engines do that.
  5. Barefoot James

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    Hey - been working too much and did not see this thread until now. Can't wait to try. Available anytime. Call me.
    1. Honda - very important other engines don't seem to stack up.
    2. Short enough to fit under tilted dump trailer or pick up gate.
    3. All the points Prolawn cam upwith.
    4. Broadcast for sure maybe with a sheild on one side or the other (or both) to keep from going on sidewalks, streets - sort of like the sheilds on fert spreaders - this shows a well thought out unit.
    5. Spreads wet, dry or granular materials. 14 cu ft hopper would be awesome.
    6. Could it be a drop and a broadcast??? Hummmm what an idea! If not broadcast for sure.
    7. Metal or aluminum broadcast wheel - no plastic.
    8. Solid or foam filled big tires - like on the TR or a wheel barrel.
    9. Don't let the tires drive the spread so you can aim it at an area sitting and hit it with material (for hard to reach areas).
    10. Would front wheel drive make it easier to control or pull machine better?
    11. LOOOOVE the idea of fitting it on a platform on the back of truck or even on the front of trailer by hitch?
    12. Thanks for asking and involving LS
  6. hunter

    hunter LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    Would also like to add that it would be great if it could screen out larger particles of compost. Store to the side or feed to a bucket underneath.
  7. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Thanks for the good feedback. This is exactly what I was looking for and very valuable to all.

    There were a few ideas we have no though of yet that will be incorperated.

    We should have units for testing in the next 30 days.

  8. Prolawnservice

    Prolawnservice LawnSite Senior Member
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    PM me for my address when your ready to ship me one to test drive, 30 days will be perfect :)
  9. DeepGreenLawn

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    I like the size of the Bullspreader, the ecolawn will be good for my larger yards, 5k+ but I have so many smaller very tight lawns like my personal lawn, that shoveling would work but a spreader would be faster. I have to think of labor and time as my business grows there is increasingly more work and less time. Anything that will work faster and more effeciently would be great.

    I saw a topdressing company with some kind of a pump that was pumping out their mix from a dump trailer, don't know how they did it but it seemed to work pretty good... they had a big spreader though like on a gator... again, I need something small and compact that is easy to manuver, big is not always better...

    ALSO, these yards are so small that going back to the trailer is not such a big deal...

    AND make sure it can fit into the smallest of gates, they seem to keep getting smaller, I think my walker had a 36" deck and I couldn't get into my back yard, the mower would have been to big to work back there anyways but the point is I couldn't get through the gate...

    I like the idea of the rotary spreader with the ecolawn for larger areas and the drop spreader seems to be a better fit for smaller areas... and definitely a way to screen wether it be a mesh top with a vibrator of some sort?
  10. hunter

    hunter LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    Fence builders from Houston must have finally arrived in Atlanta. This is a problem we have all the time. These idiots here keep building gates that you can just fit a 21" mower through. WE picked up a new client a few weeks ago and of course with a new fence and they built the gate so small not even a 32" will fit.

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