Top Dresser Design..looking for input

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. hunter

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    This would be great to have it do!
  2. DeepGreenLawn

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    I was thinking about this, if the compost is moist, which 99% of the time it is, wouldn't it probably clog it up pretty bad?

    Mulch seems somewhat dry most of the time and if it is damp it is in big enough chunks to not get too built up it would seem
  3. FOL

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    We will be screening to a 1/4 " and the stuff will be dry, "not to dry" as possible. I think we have come up with a couple solutions. Mods, Mods and more mods. This truck is getting a face lift. We are changing the blower, making it more powerful, adding a T fitting and hose to fluff it as it comes out. The attachment at the end of the hose is going to be modified like a flat vacuum piece, which is going to have directional spacers inside this attachment that is going to help separate the material and spit it out in a 180 degree spray "hopefully". Now nothing is going to be perfect, we will run into problems but we will figure this out.

    If it dont work, i buy a spreader. I am doing a few things by at least researching this option.
    1. I might be saving 8 k on a spreader.
    2. Huge savings for the customer, believe it or not.
    3. Can focus on the customer more.
    4. Not breaking my back spreading compost.
    5 Huge time/labor savings.
    6. The best part, no investment. Maybe some time, but it all works out in the end.

    For all you LCO'S out there, go big or go home. "surf talk". Most of you in your major metro areas probably have access to something "machine/company" like this. It might be something to look into.
  4. roccon31

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    david- how is this coming along?
  5. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Slower than I want, but we are currently working almost exclusively on our new aerators. It has kept us very busy.

    The top dresser will at the EXPO in Oct and some field testing this fall few only a few LCOs.

  6. roccon31

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    david if there is any way i can get my hands on one or at least see pics of one by labor day would be great. my demand for this service has grown significantly this year, and i need a small machine for this fall season.

    i'd hate to buy another brand only weeks before yours debuts, and then regret it.


    pm me if you'd like
  7. If you wold like to have a close up and personal look at the Eco-Lawn topdresser, we'll have one on display at the PANTS show in Philly late this month. Feel free to drop by our booth. :waving:
  8. Grohorganic

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    yeah well if you want an eco lawn I have one for sale cheap, so I can get one of David's units. the belts that are twisted the.............. all the stuff i hate about the ecolawn.... any ways after a long rebuild that went wrong, its on my $h*t list for sure.... got to be a better way.

    any ways good to be back and happy to see your back FOL
  9. Hmmm...If you had some sort of issue with the Eco-Lawn it would surprise me that the mfgr. (who I know personally for years) did not stand by it 100%.

    You mentioned something about twisted of them is set up in a figure 8 which is correct. It is purposefully designed like that.

    What's this about a rebuild (or did you try to modify it)? The ones first produced in 1995 are still going strong without rebuilds...I own one with nearly 300 hours and only had to make a few adjustments. This is an older design without the latest improvements. No parts, no need.

    Now, if you feel it didn't perform up to your expectations, my experience is that this comes from folks using it to spread very wet compost and soggy soil. Properly adjusted, this machine performs perfectly.

    Your certainly entitled to your opinion...have a great day!
  10. Grohorganic

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    cool figured you would say something like that rep. so soon to come some pics that say loads........

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