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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Apr 12, 2009.

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    i saw your eco lawn demo unit at the nofa ny class in february (sat behind you, talked to you and russ for a while, etc). i like them alot, but i like to explore all my options.

    just picked up my large machine today, now i need a small one for around houses and small yards.

    thanks for the heads up on the PA show, thats only 45 mins from me, so i will be there!
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  3. Awesome. Yes, I remember speaking with you in Shodack. We'll have our usual compost tea offerings as well at the show. What kind of large top dresser did you get?
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    old style millcreek td75. tested it out today on my unfinished compost pile, needs some minor tweaking, but seems to work pretty well. finished material will probably flow much better.
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    I started topdressing in the mid 80's. I have topdressed by hand with wheel barrels and shovels. I now use turfco metermatics. I have loaded from: ground with shovels and by frontend loader and by skidster. I have loaded from a dump truck and from a dump trailer. I now use a conveyer truck to load my machine. It is the most efficient. I would be very interested in seeing your compact topdresser. Turfcos are too big for most jobs and too small for big jobs.
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    Send me a PM with your contact info


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    show and tell i like that
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    OneBreezer -

    You rock - I LOVE your site - can I use "it's like a spa treatment for your lawn"? That is awesome - great short video - to the point and effective. Ever used it for TV ads? I think that would get some clients! :clapping:
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    thanx for the complement. that video came from my tv ad. the script came from my radio adv. send me a nickel and you may use it. oh what the heck just use it.

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