Top-dressing for damaged lawns?????

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Five Diamond Lawns, May 8, 2004.

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    I'm being asked to top-dress a lot of lawns right now that are damaged 1/4 dead. I am in most cases thatching, aerating, top-dressing and seeding. My question is what to use for my top-dressing.

    I have available to me:

    A product called GroCo (suppose to be a good compost type material ) I've put it on good lawns with good results except it's to hot for seed.

    A GroCo / Top soil mix
    A straight top soil

    Cost on all three is about $16.00 a yard. I charge $45 a yard to spread it alone????
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    Five Diamond Lawns, I responded about the spreader. As far as what to use as a top dressing, I use composted cow manure, which has sat for a year, that way there is no heat to it, I get very good results. Also, I use top soil mixes with the composted cow manure that is mixed. The brand that you mention about, I have never heard of GroCo. You can use straight top soil, but I perfer compost or composted cow. Hopes this helps you.

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