Top dressing intervals?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by BostonBull, Apr 27, 2009.

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    The post must be 40% or less moist by weight. The only broadcast spreader setup I have been able to work out is a modified Spyker 288S (I moved and reformed the agitating blade) with a vibration kit from Vortex spreaders (it doesn't NEED the vibration kit, but I like to have it). It gives me decent flow and control (even coverage).

    My next spreader will be a modified 288 Thunderbird.
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    money? talk about an out of bound's question.. i know alot of people talk about the money they made in an open forum?:hammerhead:

    considering the gamble i took last year trying and advertising to just do organic's, i did alright starting from scratch/nothing and being totally legal from the start, in fact made enough to support two other people,buy my self a candy bar and have enough to get through the winter and start again this year better then the last.

    good luck and it's ok if you put me on ur ignore list, i'll find some way to get over it.
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    dude i did beer money and a candy bar...............
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    My wife buys the beer..........................
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    dude I am the wife how do you think i pay phill
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    Good grief... perhaps she is the perfect woman?!!??! :)

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