Top dressing with black dirt

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burlap, Mar 24, 2004.

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    I would like to spread an inch or less of a black sandy loam on an established lawn. I'm not sure how to do this with out digging up the lawn. I suppose we could dump piles with a loader and spread by hand. I was wondering if a manure spreader would do the job? I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you, Lloyd
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    Having a little experience with manure spreaders, I doubt if you'd like the results. There are beaters that will fling out some of what hits them, but the bed of the spreader moves to feed the load to the back. Anything that doesn't hit the beaters is just pushed out under them in a path as wide as the spreader. Small stuff, like soil, will tend to go under the beaters and not be spread much, though you could watch how fast it's feeding and adjust your ground speed to spread it somewhat.

    I used a 5 foot "landscape rake" (about $300) on the back of a small tractor and backed the rake through the piles. The tines are curved so when you back up they don't dig in and it do a pretty good job of spreading it.
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    You should first make sure to remove some of the dirt so you won't go over the top of the sidewalks etc. A sod cuter can cut it loose for you leaving a nice smooth surface. You will have to remove it with a bucket loader or something. Then you can use a top dressing machine. They have been around the golf courses like forever. Usually they have an old one around a guy can buy pretty reasonable. I do not think you can rent them as they are not really a good rental item. Turfco makes alot of them and they have one they sell for lawns it is like $6000.00. A lot of bucks unless you do alot of this stuff.. I would check the local golf courses and see if you can rent one for a day. It will save you tons of time and they do a really good job. Just set how much you want to put down and run.

    Old Hippy

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