TOP GROSSERS....what are you doing now?


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I own a small company but I have big dreams. As this winter has been next to nothing, and most of us aren't doing a whole lot of plowing, what are the big dogs doing right now? Other than working on my advertising, and maintaining equipment, I'm not really doing anything except waiting for snow (or Spring). I feel like I could be doing something more to help my business grow. My company's services include: maintenance, landscaping, water features, tree work, pressure washing, snow removal, gutters, and storm cleanup.

Frankly, I am getting bored out of my mind this winter. I have already booked spring cleanups for returning customers. I've sold a few landscape installs. I've sold a few maintenance contracts. All in all though, I feel like I'm just sitting on my butt. I am anxious to get out and do some work.

PS.... This is more for the northern guys. I know you southern guys are still mowing or whatever.


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Maintenance, diffrent advertising things, prepping new flyers, biz cards, re evaluating things as a whole, planning for growth this season, so far we have done more landscape estimates this time of than ever, at least my 15 years of owning my company. this year looks to be better tha the last few. pretty much doing as much as i can to keep the phone ringing and to be ready for when it does start......should be doing power rakes and aerations in a week, already been sprayin g for a few now......fert goes down soon also. spring fever has started already here, lots of interest in landscape shape ups/new rock/plants/changes to existing landscapes......spending money that customers have been hoarding the last two years...
I'm not a big dog by any means. I'm a solo operator. I'm busy taking care of the most indespensable part of my operation. ME! I exercise every day, get my annual physical, ordered some new work shoes online, getting my pesticide license renewed, loose some weight.
I used to sit and worry about having nothing to do. It's pretty hard to go from 12 hours a day 7 days a week to doing nothing. But I've learned to adapt. Now I spend my winters in Florida and get in shape for the next season. By spring I'm anxious to get back to work.
It actually makes me more productive.

So if you're worring about what needs taken care of this winter, don't neglect yourself.

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Soon i will get my equipment out of storage and do a good maintenance on all of it in preperation for the spring. Not much plowing this year- maybe we'll see an early spring like 2 years ago.

Az Gardener

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Phoenix, Az
Reviewing business plan and modifying it based on past failures and successes.
Review/adjust employee manual due to modifying my business plan.
Establishing yearly budget and setting monthly revenue goals, labor ratio goals, cogs goals,
Estimating labor and equipment needs based on new revenue goals
Refining Operation Manual.
Interviewing prospective employees, hiring, training
Shopping for New bank for new credit lines and better terms for growth
Developing incentive based pay program and 401-K for employees.
Listening to audio of classes at GIE
Working with CPA and quickbooks specialist to reformat our accounting program to better track our job costs and crew costs individually.
Looking for and trying out various apps to complete our service reports digitally
And of course sell sell selling

....crap no wonder I'm so tired.

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...and also getting noticed by being different than the other guy. Our Band-it & Stick-it attachments can help you do that as well. Band-It keeps our ad (door hanger, business card, flyer) securely attached to the customers door & Stick-It allows them to stick your ad right to their fridge for convenience! Take a look:

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Sorry this thread is not gaining any steam. I would like to hear what others are up to. I wish I had seen a thread like this years ago, to think of all the wasted time :hammerhead:


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Thanks for the replies. Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner.

AZ Gardener, thats quite the list. lol. I am doing several things on that list. Right now, all of my equipment has been been maintained, checks have been done and everything is staged in the garage ready to load up (just need to add fuel and oil).

I have worked on my advertising (almost ready), I plan on pounding the pavement starting next week. I have a lot of sales in my work background, so I have found that me going door to door is more effective than just passing out fliers or door hangars.

Budgets and revenue goals are done, thanks to my office manager/wife...chick is a pro!

I am buying new equipment and still looking for more.

I am going to the pressure washing seminar in Albany at the end of next month. Here is a link to the website. A couple of certifications are being offered, plus all of the info! Hope to see some of you there.

Just got my first smart phone (droid..Motorola Atrix 2), so I am reviewing apps to help my business. Just ordered the card reader so that I can take CC on site. I am learning how to link all of that together to my QB.

Vehicle maint is done.....

That's about it I guess.

David H....I am taking care of me as well. I am on two different workout programs right now that are beating the tar out of me.

Let's hear from some other big companies, I know you're out there. I see your trucks driving around! This thread could really help some new business owners!
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