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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by echo8287, Dec 12, 2007.

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    As far as commercial mowers are concerned, which manufactuer backs up their product the best? Is easy to contact about a problem. Listens to your concerns. Improves products on a continuing basis. I'd like to hear postive and negative experiances concerning warranty work or problems and how they were handled. Whether they were a pain in the butt or easy to deal with. I'm sure the dealer would be a big part of the equation. Small dealer or large dealer gets things taken care of or makes no difference?

    I bought a Miller wire welder a couple of years ago and had a problem with it after about 6 months. My dealer and Miller were outstanding with making things right. So I bought several other Miller products. Thanks, David
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    Almost all manufacturers are pretty good. You will have the ocassional problem but for the most part they're all the same. It really comes down to the individual dealer like you said. My dealer is so hands and feet above the rest (IMHO) that I travel a pretty good distance to get him to work on my equipment when it's something I can't take care of.
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    I've had good experience with my Dixon dealer, however, the dealer in this area that handles Scag isn't as customer friendly.
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    Hustler’s support is fantastic.
    I had cutting issues with my machine, which the dealer could not fix. I contacted PJ on the Hustler Forum and the next day the area Hustler Rep contacted me to make an appointment to come out to look at the problems. Some of the problems were corrected but there was still cutting issues that were not resolved. Eventually since the issues were not resolved Hustler bought the machine back from me through the dealer.

    If you need any questions or need anything done from Hustler, PJ has great contacts. I see people posting all kind of questions there and if he doesn't know the answer he will find it. At the time I purchased the machine my dealer could not locate the model I wanted. I mentioned this to PJ in one of my post and the next day he had the area distributor contact me directly and they located the machine several states away and brought it in.

    This thread is not about dealers or machines so I left him and the model out of my post. But I do want to mention that the dealer was fantastic and 100% involved in this. Also, to the credit of Lawnsite. Not only is there valuable information here, The Hustler forum gives easy access to the Manufacturer Reps and it gives the Manufacturer direct access to what the customers wants and needs are.

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