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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 96f250, May 10, 2007.

  1. 96f250

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    Im top soiling a yard next week end it needs 6 cubic yards and a couple bags of grass seed and starting fertilizer and peat moss, i charged 675 is that to little or ok?? thank you, brett
  2. Allens LawnCare

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    Does the yard need any other work or is it just spreading the loam. How big is the said a couple of bags of seed. How much 5lb bags 10 lb bags 25 lb bag......Any more specifics
  3. topsites

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    Well idk, might be ok, how big's the yard?
    For 6 c.y.'s it sounds like a small one, 1/4 acre or less.

    The dirt in and of itself shouldn't cost you more than $12 or so / c.y., the problem is delivery, my 6x12 single axle won't hold more than two, a truck I think would charge $45 or so, idk, $120 or so in dirt.

    The seed is rough this year, whoooeee that stuff got pricey, I think you're looking at $75-$80 for 50 pounds of something halfway decent... Ky 31 is still the cheapest, but you need almost twice the 31 vs. a better quality. But always get a 50 lb'er, don't even play with smaller bags, 50 pounds is the cheapest per pound... If all you need is 25 pounds then just use half, that's how I've always done it.
    To simplify matters, I boil it down to two types of questions: Full bag or 1/2 bag, which one?
    That's it, I'm not playing with 1/3 and 1/4 bags and crap, 1/2 or all, blam, done.

    Starter fert isn't too bad, again it depends on the size of the yard, $20 - $50 total.

    You're out 3-400 in materials, I think... Idk about peat moss, sorry (but it's assumed in that 3-400 kinda).

    The worst part is spreading the dirt, it will be a lot of work there, I can usually knock out 2 c.y.'s in an hour but it wears me out, we're talking humping the entire time and drenching sweat. six, hehehe :)

    You might want to split it into 2 days, do the dirt day 1, take a day break go do something else, then day 3 come back and finish it, that way it don't kill you and the labor's not too bad if you're not so tired.

    4 hours for the dirt, the seed and fert is easy, hour there, once again idk about the peat moss, I'd say you might be cutting things a bit tight but you're not too bad off, maybe a little tight. Don't feel bad, it's dog eat dog, tight bids are one way to get a LOT of work, the hardest part is busting it out so you can earn a decent wage, I still have a lot of tight lots myself.

    That's just my take on things.
  4. 96f250

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    theres two parts of the yard one spot is 5' by 20' and the other is 15' by 50' both areas need to be racked out cause there covered with rocks from construction and i need one 10lb bag of grass seed, one 10lb bag of starter fertilizer and a bag of peat moss. thank you brett
  5. supercuts

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    wow, $12/yard???? i wish i could get it for that. just paid $26/yard, 496.08 for 18yards delivered. i can pick it up for 22/yard.

    now that im jealous, i charged 750 to spread it in a very small front yard, no prep work. took 3.5 hrs
  6. Runner

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    Our screened black dirt comes for 20 a yard delivered. Anything over 5 yards and the delivery fee is waived.

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