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    The same customer that wants the mulching job, first wants a bed tilled and a bunch of top soil put there to raise the level a bit on his large bed by his pool as well as fill in this 4x12 foot dip in his lawn by where the drain pipe was put in ( and the mower always has to go around :( ) Then Till up another smaller area by his little barn out back and put some soil in.
    He's getting the dirt brought in cause I'm not sure how much to get and don't have a dump truck. He said I could just charge by the hour if I want. THis is what I was thinking anyway. I cut his lawn ( with his 42 inch) for $65 and it takes me usually 1.5-2 hours including trimming. So if I quote at $35/hr he should not be surprised at this right? Plus I'll tack on the price of the Tiller rental and gas/time to rent and return it.

    And if there is any small weeds in the beds, will the tiller destroy them enough to where I can just put the soil on top and not be concerned about them comming back up or should I spray some killsall on them first or something?

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