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    ok i did a top soil job about a month ago and the customer called me asking what type of soil i put down and where i got it and a bunch of other questions. so i asked him why he needed to know the dirts history. he then begin complaining to me that the dirt i used is "low grade" and that he can't get grass seed to grow in it. i asked him what type of seed he was using, he tells me "it's some old seed he got for free somewhere years ago"???? i told him i could either plant seed in my "low grade" soil and get it to come up fine, or he could go buy a bag of scotts turfbuilder (current year) and spread that.

    the soil i used was 3/8 screened top soil purchased for $30/yard, i only used 2 yards for the enitire job (small area) put on about 1" thick

    am i correct about using "old seed that you have no idea where it came from" could be the reason that it would not grow?

    thanks kevin
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    Quality grass seed is an issue when it comes to germination. Use quality seed, get good soil contact, use a starter fertilizer, appropriate water, and your good to go!
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    the term you are looking for is VIGOR seed vigor or is't shelf life their is no uniform measurement for it but seed is usually good for 2-3 years max

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