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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. Bassman

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    Was working today in the midst of a heavy schedule and an elderly gent strolled into the back yard I was mowing. Stood there patiently waiting for me to stop and address him. I shut down and asked if I could help him. This is the bizarre part of this story. He said, "I want you to take the debris guard off my new weed eater, I just bought it and I don't know how." I politely told him I had a very heavy schedule. He was persistent. I said, "I'll take a look". Thinking he was a neighbor of my customer.
    I stopped everything and followed him to the street where to my surprise he had stopped his "rig", a homemade plywood trailer with an old Murray rider in the back. He said he saw I was in the business and saw my line trimmer without a shield and thought he would like his the same. He was holding his plastic bag for his new line trimmer in his hand with the owners manual, wrench, etc. I said, "Sir, you are puting me behind schedule, this is how I make a living and I have a very heavy slate today". He said, "It's how I make a living too, I need you to help me out". I then showed him the four nuts that need to come off and told him there was no reason he couldn't use it with the guard on and to take it off if he wanted to at his convenience. I said I'd like to be a good samaritan but you are costing me money and putting me behind schedule. He knew I was steamed at this point and gave it up and got in his vehicle. This old fella actually wanted me to stop everything I was doing and take that shield off right then and there for him!
  2. Eric ELM

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    You win the strange tale award for sure. :)

    If he can't take that off by himself, I can just see him sharpening a blade. Did you invite him to join Lawnsite? ;)
  3. Randy Scott

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    Some people just need a " Get the he!! away from me ! " No more, no less.
  4. cantoo

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    Bassman, you should be a nicer guy, you could of helped this guy out. It's a simple job for you to take the guard off for him then set his trimmer down on the ground and step on the shaft to straighten it for him so he now has a "commercial" straight shaft trimmer. Tell him that what you do to all your new trimmers.
    Today we were moving a storage building at a customers house, we had our cube van with us , it's all lettered up so it's obvious what we do. This guy comes up to us as we were getting ready to leave and asks us how grass cutting is going this year. We say fine it's going to be a good year. He mentions that he cuts a local Girl Guide camp and is looking for someone to do the big areas for him, he's getting old and only wants to do the trimming now. We're going to give him a price this week,,, and to think I was going to blow him off at first.. They are pricing a Kubota tractor and going to have the kids run it, I'm pretty sure I can change their minds with one cut and a horror story about my neighbour who is now in a wheel chair after rolling his tractor mower on a small hill.
  5. lawnboy82

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    try to beat mine. go check out the off topic forum, "strange day..." that is one of my strange things. also, i have had certain customers ask me to break the law before.. in ways i wont mention.
  6. tralfaz

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    One day, we were doing this yard when I noticed this old lady trying to get my attention from across the street. She started saying something and of course I couldn't hear her for my earplugs and trimmer running. So I went across the street into the yard where she was to try to hear her. I was at the base of a brick wall and she was above in the yard coming towards me. I finally figured out she was asking if I knew anything about microwaves because hers wouldn't turn on. She keeps walking in my direction and I notice she keeps almost losing her balance. Before I have a chance to tell her to not come any closer to the wall she loses her balance and falls off and lands on her hip. She starts screaming and I try to help her. She tells me not to call an ambulance but help her inside her house.I call my helper and we put her arms around our heads and try the front door and it is locked. We carry her around the back and try the door and it is also locked. We sit her down on a bench and she tells us there is a key hidden in the wash room at the back of the house. We look at each other because there is no washroom at the back of the house. Of course, we have a bunch of yards to do, but I can't just leave this lady without any help. We start knocking on a neighbor's door and notice a car pulling in the driveway at the house of the accident. The neighbor says it is the son. So we walk over there and tell him his mother fell off the wall. He looks at the lady and says,"That's not my mother". Turns out the lady lived behind this house. We helped her in and put her on the bed and asked the neighbor's son if he could help her. Needless to say we did not get everything done that day. Later, I found out that this lady likes to drink, which explained the tippiness.
    So if any old lady asks if you know anything about microwaves, just say "no".
  7. Calvin

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    Neighbor of a lady I was cutting stopped me and insisted I do an oil change on her 2 cycle Lawnboy for $20. I told her that it really wasn't necessary & asked her where she filled the oil. She said her husband who had passed away had taken care of such things. After explaining the gas-oil mix thing to her she gave me an evil stare and said "if you don't know how to change the oil just say so young man, I had my painter do it at the beginning of the season & he only charged me $10"

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