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top three


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South East
What are the top three best selling commercial mowers and why? I thought that Kubota would be, but according to another thread they are not.


LawnSite Senior Member
Hilton, NY
Based upon non-scientific methods (casual observation while driving around), in my area I'd say Exmark is #1, followed by a Scag and Ferris in a tie.


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Exmark, Skag, Hustler. Why? its just the way it is.

Expert Lawns

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Number of mowers I have - 1
Number of brands I have - 1
Best mower in the world - Exmark

I have nothing to compare my exmark to. All I can say is it does a great job for me. You will get so many opinions about this thread that you probably won't be able to come to a very good conclusion.


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Sumter SC
#1 Toro
#2 Exmark
#3 Don't matter see #1 or # 2

Just my opinion


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Syracuse, NY
well exmark and toro are made by the same company. I have 1 60" Exmark ZTR, 48" Exmark Hydro walk behind, and a 32" Exmark belt walk behind. I like the Exmarks. My OPINION for the top 3 mower brands are in no particular order.

1. Exmark
2. Ferris
3. Walker