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    I had a call about topdressing and seeding a existing tall fescue sodded lawn. This was a new home that was sodded then sat vacant for 9 months without any maintenance to the lawn or watering. Most of it is in good shape and the back yard is fine. The front has a few areas that have low bare spots and dips.

    They just want the lawn to look decent this season and if needed they will take actions to sod the bad spots in the lawn this fall.

    The new home owner contacted another local company and they suggested topdressing and seeding with rye for this year.

    I agree the lawn needs topdressed but we get some fairly hot summers and I would think the rye will die off quickly.

    Would I be better off overseeding it with a Fescue/Rye mix or possibly even Fescue/rye/blugrass mix?

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