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    Hey guys. I have a commercial account that I maintain weekly and the lawn is pretty rough. I believe it needs a topdress, but only in a few places. I haven't compacted tire ruts from the mower which is good, but there are about 20-30 spots in each "section" of the property that need to be filled. I'm guessing some of these low spots are sprinkler cans put in by idiots that didnt level them up and possibly an irrigation line that settled in a couple of spots. Anyway, This property isn't very big, and I don't have access to a topdress spreader. Seeing how I only need to fill holes, would it be possible to run a skid steer around with topsoil in the bucket and just shovel and go? Anyone done this before? Thanks guys!
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    topdressing has to be the best thing that you can do to a lawn above all the normal stuff, feed, h2O, aerate, etc. An decated topdresser will leave a very even 1-4 1-2 " l of Bio topdress material, like a new carpet on top of the lawn. This topdress material is not topsoil. Filling holes is a different things. topsoild seed, fert, and bio topdress will have all bad spots looking great in a few weeks this time of the year. you might want to check the ph of the soil. If it's off to much... you swill truggle forever. check the ph. lime is cheap fix alot of the time.

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