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  1. kabrac

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    Wondering if anyone could point me to a good topdresser. One that will be able to fertilize and/or one that just topdresses sand or compost that is self propelled. I've been loking at earth and turf but I can't seem to get a price. Will probably have to call Wed.
  2. onebreezer

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    i use a turfco metermatic for topdressing and a lesco for fert aps i get the turfcos used for about 2500
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I was going to 2nd Earth and Turf, looks like good machines.
  4. turfcobob

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    The Turfco F15 walking top dresser will handle most topdressing and all sand based materials. Compost must be free of debris and sticks to work corretly. There are lots of them in lawn use around the country. They have been on golf courses for over 50 years. Totally self propelled and load and unload nicely from trailers. You can back them into corners and drive out so you are able to do tight areas. Gates are a problem because of the width over 36 inches. They have a wider wheel base to handle hills and slopes. For fertilizer use get a fertilizer spreader. Topdressers and fertilizer spreaders are two different animals. You can check them out at or call 1-800-679-8201
  5. quackgrass

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    Earth and turf sp100 is a wonderful machine Costs about $6,500

    The turfco units won't let you down either.

    The drop style make for much cleaner and precise applications than the spreader style.

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