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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ericlemson, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. ericlemson

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    I have about 5500 Sqf of Bermuda Turf. Can anyone tell me what it would cost to topdress that? Other questions would be, does it take a series of topdressings to actually smooth out a lawn? What time of year is recoomended? Who would do topdressings in the Upstate of SC? Any other tips are helpful.

    Pics would be great.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. mojob

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    When a golf course top dresses their greens, they usually put down about a 1/4" to 1/2" of top dressing mix. They will do this throughout the year to keep the greens healthy and smooth. Convert sqft to sqyds and multiply by .007 (that's 1/4" in yards) and that will give you a starting point as to how much mix you'll need in yards. A golf course will also drag the mix into the greens to smooth it out. They sell drag mats for this, but I suppose you could use some chain-link fence and do the same job.
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    Eric: I just bought a Turfco Meter Matic F-15. My rate is going to be around .19 cents sq/ft. Includes Aerate, top dress, drag and material. I'm not going to advertise it this year. I got a few to do by word of mouth to study my sq/ft and material price. Plan to send soil samples to local extension service from yard to be top dressed. They can generally tell you what the soil needs and how much to apply. I'm still learning in thew area of top dressing. Maybe this will help.
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    Just a word of caution, you probably don't have a golf course soil structure. So you don't need to use sand unless you want a new hobby of topdressing. In fact it is better to use a similar soil to the one you have below and also sand dulls reel blades very quickly.

    You would be better off using a good screened topsoil blend with a small (30%) portion of compost mixed in. We topdress two times a year until we get the desired results. That being we can mow at 1/2"-5/8" with a reel mower and have it look great. This is hybrid Bermuda varieties could not cut this low with common.

    We do it in the fall when we do our scalp for the winter overseed and we also do it in the spring when we scalp to kill off our winter rye. We toss it about then use the drag mat. Seems they are about 130-150 to buy and you can also rent them, at least here locally. I don't care so much how deep I go Bermuda will come up through almost anything. I am after filling the low spots as quickly as possible. I am not worried about my lawns being ready for a round of golf tomorrow but it has to look good fairly soon. The lawn usually looks good within a couple of weeks and is filled in completely within a month.
  5. ericlemson

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    Any chance you have a before and after photo handy?
  6. ericlemson

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    Denny- Wouldnt aereating before the top dressing application just make for more work and more material needed (top dressing filling up all the holes)?
  7. dennys-lawn

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  8. dennys-lawn

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    I'm still learning. :confused:
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    That is the whole idea with topdressing - amend the soil profile by filling in the holes.
  10. dennys-lawn

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    Thanks Tex. You do any top dressing?

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