Topdressing Equipment Question

Henry Oldach

LawnSite Member
Erie PA
Hello all,
I have been surfing the site for awhile now and figured I would ask a question I can’t find an answer to.

I am working on my own lawn (previous landscaper in life) that we just put in a couple of years ago after we built our house. I have decent grass but not great as my soil is clay and really compacted. I just bought an aerator that I got a good deal on and now I want to pick up something to top dress the lawn. The size is 30-35,000 sq ft which by my calculations I will need about a triaxle of compost. I plan on doing this 1-2 times a year for the next few years so that’s why I’m buying equipment, plus no one rents topdressers here. My question is do you all think a manure spreader would work? I have seen deals under 1000 around here for a spreader but a topdresser is 4+. I appreciate the help! Also do you feel if I’m trying to change the soil I should remove the cores before overseeing and top dressing?