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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by alexschultz2, May 10, 2006.

  1. alexschultz2

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    im getting into the reel mower buisness and most of the lawns that i cut with my reel mower need to be topdressed because their to bumpy. ive heard of using compost as a topdressing but everyone around here uses sand. the type of grass that im topdressing is burmuda.

    now my real question is what should i charge to lay sand. im guessing its alot like mulch but before i start giving quotes id like to know what the ballpark range for an estimate should be

    price per ton is $24

  2. kbrashears

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    Do you have a top dresser?

    I'd have to charge at least 20 bucks per 1000 square feet.
  3. alexschultz2

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    no i dont have a topdresser, but no one spreads sand by topdresser around here, all they do is dump it onto the ground and rake it out till its smooth
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    There are actually several companies that use top dressers in the Atlanta area. Golf courses stopped slinging sand with a shovel 30 years ago after mechanized top dressers were introduced. The benefits of a mechanized machine are many. Some befefits are time for the project (turns a day long job into a 2 hour job), eveness of application, number of people needed (one person for a mechanized machine, ? for manual labor).
    We have several lawn care companies using our machines in your area. The machine pays itself off quickly. The material is what is expensive.
    Tim Gray
  5. Turfco Tim

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    Sorry, didn't address type of material. Unless it is clay, you will want to match the material to the type of existing soil. For clay use sand and aerate to incorporate the sand.

    Tim Gray
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