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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by icex, Dec 26, 2012.

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    We started screening soils as well as the ground greenwaste that we bring in. I sell the sceened material for $12.50 a yard plus delivery if they want it delivered. The ground greenwaste has a LOT of organics in it and makes an awsome soil amendment that is really needed here in FLA because of all the sandy soils we have. We also send out a LOT of our ground greenwaste to another guy who mixes it with biosolids(AKA $hit), lets it sit for a month or so and then screens it out.. makes one hell of a tertelizer. Right now between the two of us we have close to 80,000 yards of material.
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    We rent one for a day and then screen a bunch, we usually do 2 times a year. We feed it with an excavator and take a way with a backhoe, set up right you can put a lot though it in a day. For me it isn't worth owning one.

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    CLP who do you rent from?
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    Do you have a spot it can be put up and left for a long time? Do you have to pay for the trucking to move it?

    There can be some good money in black dirt. A small screener isn't so bad as I've found selling 50-100 yards at time is common for me. I think it's better to have the big pile and screen small amounts out and use it up than screen the whole thing, people like using 'fresh' dirt. Wholesale here is $15 a yard including trucking.
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    NEUSWEDE , I rent from Sabattus hardware most of the time because I can run back roads to get it, or Rent-it. It cost me about $350 a day so it doesn't make sense to for me to own one.

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