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Topsoil vs Mulch Calculation


LawnSite Member
Stupid question here but do you figure topsoil for fill the same way as mulch is figured. Im using Total sqft x depth desired/ 324.

Thanks, Willie


LawnSite Silver Member
This is a PIA question. Different places sell it differently. Some by yards some by tons. Supposely the ton is a hair over a yard but that depends if it has been raining and it is real moist or not.
I theory topsoil will cover the exact same as mulch, but I find that it will cover slightly less. In other words for every 20 yards I know I need I add 1-2 extra yards. This will help you in getting a smooth grade at equal depth and compensate for minor divits and hills of preexisting fill dirt.
Here is a good calculator. http://upstatemulch.com/material_calculator.htm


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Cape Cod, MA
I use square footage divided by 150 = yards needed. There is an error cushion built in as I do not subtract for obstacles.