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    Anyone have a formula to figure the amount of topsoil an area would need to build up a bed say, 6''? The bed that I would be creating is 120' x 10' and I would need to build it up anywhere from 6-8''. Any idea how many yards of topsoil I would need for this?
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    Approx.five yards
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    At 6" deep, you have 600 cubic ft .... 120 x 10 =1200 square ft x 6" deep = 600 cubic ft.

    There are 27 cubic ft in a cubic yard.

    So for 6" deep, you would need 600 / 27 or 22.22 cubic yards of topsoil.

    For 8" deep its 800 cubic ft so you need 800/27 or 29.6 yards

    Usually you have to add a little for un-even terrain --about 5-10% or so, depending on how flat it is.
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    Don't use topsoil...use a composted soil that has amendments in it. You do not know where the topsoil has come from and usually it somes from construction sites.

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