1. Clint

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    from Texas
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    i got my grandpas ace/ox blowtorch and i got it all working, it lights, and everything, but i dont know how to adjust the 3 knobs so it will cut properly

    any help would be appreciated, thanks clint
  2. Gravel Rat

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    To adjust the torch properly you open the main oxygen valve all the way open and keep it open you adjust the oxygen flow with the valve up on the torch body. When you light the torch up you turn the acetelyne and light it and once its lit adjust it so its a medium sized flame and its giving off quite a bit of smoke. Then turn the oxgen on not too fast or it will snuff out the flame you turn it on and watch the flame starts to turn blue. You press the oxygen lever and watch the flame it shouldn't get smaller when you do this adjust the oxy valve and check by pressing the lever.

    If you do all this it should cut fine for you its hard to explain I have been working with torches so long its second nature but trying to explain it in words is tough.

    You should adjust the the regulators on the bottles for the proper sized tip you are using at our shop we use large tips so most of the time the regulators are left wide open (full pressure).
    I have forgoten the proper psi for the tip size its been so long from using a small torch in highschool but adjusting these pressures is a must for brazing tips.

    The steel I cut ranges from 1/8 to 1" and cutting scrap metal etc our one torch is almost 36"s long and we use large bottles of oxy and accet.

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