Torn between new Exmark or Scag

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fox9988, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. fox9988

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    First Z purchase.I've researched and realize each brand has a very loyal following.Considering Lazer HP 19kaw/46" at $5700 or Tiger Cub 19kaw/48" at $6100.Polls on this site suggest Exmark is the most popular brand but I'm leary of the Triton deck.Most either love or hate it,I'd hate to buy it then hate it.I "demoed" the Exmark behind the dealer's lot today,the grass(unknown-yea newbie)was about 6" tall with another 6" of stems that had seeded out.At full throttle full speed 3.5" cut heigth it would miss some of the stems occasionally,maybe one every 6ft.I don't know if this should be acceptable or not but it would require a double cut.Waiting on Skag dealer to get a new demo machine next week so I will defiantly wait and demo the Skag before buying either.I don't have enough experience to determine QOC without a side by side comparison.And Scag seems to have the better dealer locally.I'm form AR so I can't find much local info in a search.I'd like to hear from people that have experience with both or bad experience with either, instead of "I love my ______"!Thanx
  2. fox9988

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    Anyboby?Before I spend $6K.
  3. stevenf

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    I will purchase my new mower in Feb and I have also been researching alot!
    What I have found is that EVERYONE has a different opinion when it comes to mowers. Your best bet is to ask everyone what they dont like about there mower, then choose the mower with the problem you can tolerate the most lol.
    I think I will be going with a hustler mini Z or scag tiger cub. Ill flip a coin when the day comes.......

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  5. TAZ

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    The problems that you hear of with the Exmark are from the north with cool season grasses...... I am up north so my experience can't help you but the two mowers are different in more ways than just the deck. You need to demo both and see......

  6. DillonsLawnCare

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    it depends mostly on the dealer support. both machines are pretty much the same except the color. i know the decks and frame is different, but theyre both commercial grade equipment that will last you a long time and do a great job. dealer support is the main thing. if that mower is in the shop, whos gunna get the job done the fastest, whos gunna get that part in the next day overnighted?? thats what you should be thinking about. not which mower will cut the best, cause i believe every mower's blades are rotating about 18,500 fpm. (blade tip speed). demo demo demo. find which dealer is the best. JMO
  7. Frosty03

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    First, any grass that is 6 - 12" tall you are not going to mow at full speed and get any kind of good results. Full throttle, yes...but not full speed. Matter of fact, I never mow at full speed as they all will leave stragglers in weeds and overgrown grass. Any mower will do this...Slow down to half speed and see the difference.

    Just because you are getting a Z rider doesn't mean you will be mowing like the wind. You will definitely increase your production, but you will have to learn to adjust your mowing speed to the conditions. Don't believe me? Try mowing Bahia at full speed...It doesn't happen I don't care what mower you have.

    It sounds to me like that's what you tried to cut. Bahia requires a slower speed and freshly sharpened blades.

    Me personally, go with dealer support. If your dealer sells both, I'd go with Exmark and get a bit larger of an engine. That 46" Exmark HP is a beast with the 23 Kawasaki engine. I have the 50" Lazer HP with the 23 HP engine and it works for me.
  8. fergman

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    go with the scag pal. do not get the triton,trust me. its a piece of junk. if you can get the ultracut in the as series then thats your best bet. but out of the 2 you are looking at you would be totally ignorant if you get the scag AND you say with the scag you have a better dealer. you need the best dealer you can get. there has been times that if i didnt have a fantastic dealer then i would have been in bad shape.
  9. weeble67

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    To be honest my dealer was an a** when it came to getting him to budge
    on the sticker price. But his largest selling point was the support. He offered
    a deal on support that others couldn't compare with. My purchase that I'm so extremely happy about was the Exmark HP 46 with the 19 Kaw. I have plenty of power and unless I'm trying to cut way to tall of grass I've never had to double cut. I have to agree with Frosty03 that you were trying to go to fast cutting to tall of grass. I've said it before, and I stand behind it. I love my Exmark. I've had ZERO problems with my Triton deck.
  10. cwags73

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    I have an Exmark Lazer HP with a 50 inch triton deck and a 23 horse Kawasaki engine and it will mow grass as high as 5 inches tall with no skippers as fast as you want to go with it. I agree though if you do not have good dealer support it will not help because things will break.

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