Torn on my aeration marketing approach - more plugs w/ Plugr 850 or Lawn Solutions WB

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 8, 2010.

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    EXACT: I know what you are saying about productivity. We are a full-service landscape maintenance company with 25 years in business. We have become extremely productive at what we do and hate it if anyone judges our work on how long it took us to do it. I had a Snapper plugger die on me last Fall after about 15 years. As you can guess from 15 years of use, I really haven't done enough aerating in the past to justify the cost of the LS.
    However, I am believer that if you invest in equipment, you are forced to find work for it.
    Additionally, I am converting to organic lawn care and aeration is one of the core (haha) organic aids.
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    ....yes my market slogan catch phrase for those clueless about the benefits of aeration will be "is your lawn addicted to chemicals?" as a secondary tag line.....think up based fert with organic matter to break down thatch...stop using cheap fert high shock nitrogen....sure use weed killers but focus on healthy turf...aeration is the key...payup

    Ok... you [customer] insist on using the Big Co. to put down fert for less than you can buy it yourself ...yes you lawn needs aeration 2 times a year. payup
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    Messages: 5,378's official. I will be charging roughly 25% more for my plugr 850 aerations over ones performed with my Lawn Solutions 21" WB. Fact is the plug count on my Plugr 850 is 75% more plugs per square foot over the LS 21" WB.

    My marketing will be clear on the pros and cons of rolling tine vs reciprocating aerations. I'm giving my customers a choice.
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