Toro´s burning oil, help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jun 20, 2002.


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    Here´s my situation. I have a 1996 Toro Proline 44in gear driven walkbehind. It seems to be drinking more oil than usual. I´m adding 1 quart every 4 or 5 days. The only 2 things I can come up with is old age or the fact I went to double blades this spring and it´s putting more strain on the engine. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You'll be able to find a 15hp Kohler replacement engine on the net for $500.00 plus about $40.00 in shipping.
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    Many times an old motor needs to be given a straight 30 weight oil when it gets older to stop it from using so much. Get a heavy duty SAE 30 and put in it and see if it slows the usage down.

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    Right. It's just like an old car. It may cause you to lose a little power, but won't hurt as long as you don't let the oil level get low.

    You can use straight 30 weight, but that can make starting more difficult. To help that, pull the recoil 1 time with the switch OFF to build up some compression, then let it rip.

    I have had success with using Restore in an older engine. It is for high milage, oil burning cars. Use the "4 cylinder" size with your next oil change.

    Good luck.

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    Like the other guys said, go with sae30 if you aren't already. 10w-30 or 40 is actually only a 10 weight oil, and the motor will use some up on a hot day. The owners manuals even tell you to check the oil more often if you use multi-vis oil. If you are using straight 30 and still using oil, you might need new piston rings or valve guide seals. Check all your other engine gaskets and seals for leakage too. I usually run 10w-30 in early spring and fall when temps outside are cooler. The thinner oil offers a little more start-up protection in cold weather.

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