Toro 2 cycle 22040 compairson?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpp, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. jpp

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    Ok I have read threads, made posts on those threads and I still need some help. I have been using the toro 2 cycle for years, I am in need of replacing the one that I have. I have looked at toro,lawnboy,honda, and so on. What mower is comparable to the old 2 cycle. I want to get a mower that will stay running when I let go of the traction control. I only use this mower on about 5 yards where the gate is to small or because the hill is to steep for a wb. Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


  2. Roger

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    Consider only models with BBC (blade-brake control). The blade is not directly connected to the engine crankshaft, rather through a clutch. The feature enables the engine to remain running (and the traction drive) while the blade is stopped.

    The two-cycle/four-cycle issue is unrelated to the BBC feature. Most manufacturers have BBC models, including Toro.
  3. jpp

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    Are these the units with the bar you need to hold to keep the mower running while the bbc is disengaged? What I was looking for is to be able to walk away from the mower while it is still running. Like say I am in the yard cutting and I find a hose laying in the yard. I don't want the mower to shut down while I move the hose.


  4. Lance L

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    i have two of the 2 cycle toros and they arent bbc models what i do is have two zip ties around the bar to hold it running if i need to pick up some trash or whatever, two just incase one brakes. works great, it makes it easier to start as well, because you adjust the zip tie to just keep the mower running and there is know tension on the drive belt...

    as far as a replacement mower i would go with the kawasaki 4 cycle model. still has the big gas tank and if you dont want to worrie about changing a oil filter go with the honda. sure both are great models.
  5. nt1

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    I've been told "some people" use velcro around the handle bars to keep the unit from stoping when you release the bar. This does not stop the blades from spinning but would allow you to pick up trash or bag grass without restarting the mower each time.
  6. herb_nc

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    I previously had a Toro 2-stroke also - early Eighties model that finally got impossible to find a few parts for. I replaced it with a Deere JX75 (has BBC) about 2 years ago and I'm pretty happy with it overall. Most likely I would have went with another Toro, but had no local dealer.
  7. jpp

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    On my way to the dealer now to check out some options. Thanks for the replies.
  8. marko

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    2 cycles are out for 2005. BBC will keep engine running but blade stopped. Due to safety requirements, this is the only way to keep mower running without overiding saftey features (Non BBC with tape on control). If an employee has an accident with this set up, get ready.

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