Toro 20622, 1988 mower with 5.5hp Suzuki engine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ls3c6, May 14, 2011.

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    Mower is in fine working order, starts one pull, all tuneup items are in order, blade is OEM and sharpened regularly.

    I'm in west michigan and cutting the lawn literally every 2 days @ 3" (lots of rain lately, grows 1-1.25" within those 2 days!)

    Been very disappointed with the mulching performance, i'm cutting about .75 acre and choose to not buy a commerical machine because I like the exercise I get walking around the lawn.

    Even at a cut of 1-1.25" the engine will bog down some and i'll get clumps of grass, have I gotten the turf so this thick and robust only to find now my mower can't run through it like it used to? I've aerated, fertilized and watered to get it in nice condition... but it was much easier to cut when it was a little thinner.

    Is there any mulching self-propelled mower that won't bog or leave clumps trying to mulch this?

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