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Toro 21" Atomic Blade Number??

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I just got my 22043!!! I also ordered the Atomic blade mainly to chop up leaves in the fall. But, that blade seems kind of funny. The standard blade on the Proline is sharp and smooth finished. The Atomic blade I got is not sharp at all - kind of like a homeowner blade normally is. Plus it is rough finished - kind of like it is teflon coated or something.
This may be the right blade, but it seems different than I envisioned. Underneath it is stamped with two sets of numbers, the first is W22253 and the second is 100-6492. Since the part is 104-1302, I was thinking the second number might be a model number stamp.

Can anyone tell me if their Atomic blade for the Proline is stamped with the toro part number?? I just want to be sure this is the right blade before I use it.

I ordered this from and it came wrapped in bubble wrap with the proper part number on a sticker on the outside, but the bubble wrap was clearly hand cut to wrap this blade, so they may have just had a sticker to put on it. I am not sure.
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