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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowman, Jul 11, 2001.

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    Here's the thing guy's. Bought a Toro 21" Commercial Pro-Line two seasons ago. The first one lasted only a month. Toro gave me another new one last season. Since I got my Walker I don't use it but an hour or less a week. Now the Suzuki engine is knocking and banging again. Toro told my dealer that I'm the only one that has ever had TROUBLE with this engine. What do you all think of that? I only have 2 weeks left on the warranty. They are going to check it out maybe in a week or so.
    So in the meantime I need a 2 cycle trim mower, so what kind would you suggest? This dealer PROMISED me a loaner if this $1000.00 mower ever broke down. Now he tells me that he can't loan me one cause if it not their he can't sell it. WHATEVER!!!!! I think he's just pissed off because I didn't buy an Exmark from him. At the time I bought my Walker he had no used machines. He just didn't seem to understand that $3500.00 is all I had to spend at the time, not $7000.00 I'm thinking of selling the Toro when I get it back so I need advice as what to replace it with.
    Thanks for listening.
  2. Knocking and banging on a Suz is a sign of bad crankcase seals.

    Have the "dealer" replace the crankshaft seals under warranty.
  3. smburgess

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    An HOUR a WEEK???
    You don't need a commercial grade mower.
    Spend $100.00.
  4. Mowman

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    When I bought that Commercial mower two years ago it was my only mower and I serviced 10 lawns weekly with it. That is why I went with the HIGH $$$$$$$ mower. Now since I got my Walker last season I'm only using it now about an hour a week.

  5. Kent Lawns

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    Dealers always say "you're the only one to have problems." Little to they know my vast local networking that soon takes their business to another dealer.

    Having said that, the 2-stroke Suzuki is an excellent engine.

    Why do you need a 2 CYCLE trim mower?

    Now that you have a Walker, a lesser machine will do fine.
    A Self propelled, rear bagger Craftsman for 289.00 is the way to go.
    We buy them for less than 300.00, run them 2 years (if part-time) and sell them for 120.00 or so. We've done zero repair ever.

    And the TOTAL non-fuel cost of ownership is less than 100.00 annually.

    I've run the 1000.00 21" mowers, they can't be run for anywhere near 100.00 per year.

    Have yours repaired and sell it.
  6. Mowman

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    Hey guy's I need the 2 cycle as I use it on ditch banks and also on hills that are on some of my lawns that I service. Hope this clears up the NEED for the 2 cycle.


  7. whitleys

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    I use two Toro 21" commercials. My boys & I run a small lawn service with 45-50 accounts this year. Bought the first Toro commercial in '98 and the second in 99. The 98 model started "banging" right after I bought the second. Has gone two seasons now still "banging" and still running. I keep waiting for the engine to blow. Mowman, Your machine will probably rattle a long time before she quits. I'd keep running it if the warranty doesn't fix it.
  8. EJK2352

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    The banging / knocking noise from your Suzuki 2 cycle's is caused
    by excessive carbon build-up in cylinder & on top of piston.
    Engine will need disassembled and carbon cleaned out. Watch
    your mix ratio on these engines (50:1) , useing a 32:1 mix will
    cause carbon to build-up more rapidly. ED
  9. Craig Jones

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    We run two Toros, one an 85 and one a 96. The 96 has a knocking/banging noise which it has had for a long time. As mentioned in a previous post, I believe it is caused by excessive carbon buildup. As long as you use the 50:1 mix, it should run fine. Once the grass stops growing so fast, I will probably tear it down and fix it. Since you are not using it very much, I am sure you can go quite a while before having to do this. We use our Toros every day on the lots we do with small gates. We find them to be very productive and have a quick ground speed for a 21" mower. We also like the quality of cut.

    Good luck with the mower. I would not toss the mower though.
  10. whitleys

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    Craig, What brand / type oil are you using in your Toro's?

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