Toro 21 hydro aerator (solo operators)


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Going to have a look at one.

Currently have a good system. Planning ahead to avoid the day being caught with pants down being over extended physically.
Previously have hit 85-100k+/month sqft God willing upcoming season looking to sustain this amount and potentially expand another 10% or so.

Constraints- small gated properties, 32-34 max openings, tight areas, predominatly steep pitched berms some of the hardest compact soil, ~3:1 irrigated vs non.

Requirements- must be adjustable speed (or be able to modify), be under 32" width +/- a bit, easy adjust height, plug 3" in ideal conditions, run all day on a tank of fuel, easy access for maintenance, ready supply of parts.

Missing things but that's a start. What's your take on this machine.
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How did it work out? Or does anyone else have experience with the 21" Toro or Exmark aerators.

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I have the Lawn Solutions 21. Traversing any real side hill...? Forget it. You will need to go up and down the hill. Has the same basic engine as my TimeMaster mower and also has that tiny gas tank.

The only reason I will keep it is for narrow gate access and folks who don't care about plug counts. Oh yeah pure joy to use on rock infested soil.
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