toro 21 leaf blowout problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bmxican, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. bmxican

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    the leaves have just started falling here and already I'm having trouble with them blowing out to the right side of the deck. this is when trying to mulch them. it messes up where I just mowed. I'll have to chase leaves and sometimes go backwards to get them sucked into the deck. I'm using a toro/suzuki 21 with regular solid mulching blade (have not tried the Atomic or gator blade). I do keep the blades sharpened, and have experimented with various rpm's, without much success.
    any ideas on controlling blowout on this mower? I'd rather not bag, if possible. :help: thanks!
  2. ITL

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    You might try using a split sail type mulching blade such as the Gator mulcher in an effort to reduce the airflow some. We use either the Gator Mulcher or the Oregon replacement for the standard high lift (large sail) Toro blade. We are running cool season grases at 3.25 inch height mostly mulching. Do not seem to have much problem with blowout.

    Another thought. Any chance your rear wheels (diameter) are worn more than front making the blade tip higher in the front end(drag in back) of mower. Run a test by raising rear wheel setting one notch above front.
  3. dishboy

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    Remove the blade saddle with the two wings. Grind off the aluminum protrusion at the two or three o'clock position that kicks air to the outside. These changes should help immensly and also improve grass mulching abilty. I also have installed a kicker at the 3 o'clock position. I am very satisfied with the mulching ability with these changes, leaves and grass. I also removed the rear kicker as it just dumps everything instead of carriying-dispersing.
  4. Roger

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    Can you explain this more fully, please? Is "blade saddle" the accelerator plate? It has "two wings" and is about 10-11" long, bolted between the blade and the adapter. I don't think so because it is steel, not aluminum.
  5. dishboy

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    The blade saddle is the winged "accelerator" plate. The aluminum protrusion is part of the deck at the 2:30 position that splits airflow in the deck. I took my angle grinder to it as I do not want anything forcing air outside, but want air to move to the center and drop. If you do not want to grind it off a kicker can be installed so it can eliminate its effect on airflow and help push air inward. I gound mine off as I like to remove the kickers and want a open deck for mowing in the rain.

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