Toro 21" Proline Suzuki Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LawnBrother, May 31, 2005.

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    Hi guys. My 21" Toro Proline Suzuki has a problem. It seems like the blade is slowing down, and not cutting properly (it's missing blades of grass). The engine speed stays the same, it doesn't sound like it's bogging down, but it definitely sounds like the blade slows down while cutting, then speeds up again when not cutting. This is a completely new phenomenon. The grass I am cutting is normal height, and I am not overloading the machine in any way, and the blades are sharp. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot, any opinions are very much appreciated.
  2. mower_medic

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    Is this one of the Proline models with the BBC system on it? Does it have a spring on top of the deck on the left side? If it is...this is a very common problem. When the big heavy counterweight that is above the blade(and has a belt) starts to get a small groove worn in it, the belt for the blade drive starts slipping. You can try just replacing the belt but my experience has shown this to only be a temporary fix(maybe only a week). the long term repair for this calls for replacing the two plates the the belt runs between under the deck. I have long said (and told many of my customers) that this BBC system that Toro has on their 21" mowers is one of the worst systems I have ever seen designed and one of the most expensive to repair.( over $100.00 just in parts). They should take lessons from Honda... Honda's HRC216 has one of the simplest and most effective BBC that needs the least repairs.
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    Mower Medic,

    What is your take on the John Deere JX 75 BBC?
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    The worst part of Toro's design on their BBC is the cover which allows grass buildup behind the blade engagement arm inside the BBC cover. This prevents full idler tension on the belt which in turn allows belt slippage and thus premature belt wear. I've worked on numerous Toro BBC's and usually the only parts needing replacement are the idler and belt($25-30 at most) and most frequently belt only. In my experience, most idler failure was a result of the owner washing mower down immediately after mowing when the idler is still hot, thus sucking water inside the bearing. Additionally, I consider Toro more economically friendly when a pan gasket has to be replaced.on 4 cycle units but this would not be a consideration on the Suzuki engine. Honda is a hassle with all the spring loaded parts as well has having cable removal and installations problems. I haven't done a boat load of Honda's so there may be special tools which make replacement more mechanically friendly. Just my 2 cents.

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