Toro 21" Super recycler experiences on their rig

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JaysLawns, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. JaysLawns

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    Hey guys I have a question for the pros, I've been using toro 21" 2 cycle commercial mowers for years and looking for new 21" mowers. My question is I mow 6-8 residential front yards a week and can get 3 new toro 21" super recyclers for the price of a new commercial mower. Can I get away with getting a super recycler 4 in place of a commercial mower? I know they are work horses though. Thanks.

  2. JaysLawns

    JaysLawns LawnSite Member
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    Oh yeah I bag all my yards when I do use a 21" mower
  3. TPendagast

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    Many moons ago, when I used to mow commerically. I would have sooner put a bullet in 21" mower than put it on my trailer, I turned away work if it required one. Still one was on my trailer 'just in case' it alwaysjust "went for a ride"

    I would just assume Pi$$ all over a 21" as soon as pay $1000 or more for one ha!

    Ive changed my tune, I have a commercial honda hydro 21"


    Its a tank.

    My suggestion
    #1) buy the commerical 21" (even though you think it costto much for the size of the mower)
    #2) buy a used commercial 21" (If you can people that do have them never give them up)
    #3) buy a 36" commercial mower used (you can find a belt drive around $700-$1000) OR
    #4) DONT MOW.

    Never never never use a non commercial 21", now that I have seen the difference and used one, I'll never use a non commerical 21" again.

    a commercial 21" you could use for five years, 3 non commercials might get you through the same period of time if you arent mowing 8 hours aday with them, BUT after 5 years you could STILL sell that commerical for $600!
    The three non commericals will all be useless parts by then.
    IF you want to keep useing the commercial 21" you still can. Plus the 21" commecial is going to have a MUCH better cut and less down time! (ALOT less)
  4. jklawns

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    the above post is right on the money I have gone through 2 residential mowers in a year and had tons of problems with them. If you are planning on mowing some real grass then get a commercial
    I have a Honda 21 commercial and I love it
  5. johnnybravo8802

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    I use the Super Recycler all the time on several accounts and It's just fine. No commercial mower will out last a Super recycler four times which is what this guy is saying. If I can get by using it for a living, I know this guy can make it work on 6-8 lawns!
  6. TPnTX

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    Just went through this a direct comparison.

    We needed a trim mower. Not a workhorse, just a trim/light duty in and out.

    I wanted to get the PT21 but quickly determined it's the SR4 with steel wheels for 300.00 more including the optional bag.

    I bought an SR4. It does fine for trim but that is it. You would be making a mistake to use it as a primary mower.

    They very things which give it an advantage as a trim would be a disadvantage as a primary.

    The biggest issue is that it is too light and when you try to bag, it's an effort to keep the front wheels down.

    All that being said, If I needed a mower and only wanted to spend 5-600.00 Its not so bad.
  7. freshprince94

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    Toro's resi mowers are crap. I have one and I HATE IT!!!
  8. TPnTX

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    yeah but we're talking about the SR4 not the big wheel you have. So youre half right.
  9. TPendagast

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    Resi mowers dont have the spindle and bearings built the way the commercial mowers do. Lets say you hit a rock or a stump or some weird peice of rebar in the lawn (thats what happeneded to us) with the resi mower. Bang the whole sprindle got bent. And the drive shaft, we had the mower 3 days.
    Wasnt under warranty because we had hit something with it.

    IVe hit some weird little stumps with a commerical mowers and basically the same thing happens as with a full size walkbehind.... weiord nose bogging enginebut it doesnt break, bent or warp anything.

    Now most resi lawns are usally little peices of finished perfection, but I dont where these guys found the rebar from and who the heck cuts off 2" caliper trees and leaves a 3 inch stump, but I sure as hek can find em!

    I ask you this, WHY would they make a $1200 21" mower, so 'smarter guys' can save money on $300 mowers?
  10. bakerc8

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    rocks my socks got 1 too

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