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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by S man, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. S man

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    I am thinking of getting another toro maybe next year. I have had a proline with the kawasaki last year and didn't like the cut. The mower was alright. I have snappers now, but want a more solid 21" for next year. Is the honda powered proline better in terms of cut and durability? I don't think my bad cut quality was from low rpms. I had that kawasaki running at 3600. but still a bad cut. I kind of like toros still, so should I get one? Anyone have positive results with this mower? Tall grass? durability? any feedback is appreciated.

  2. coonman

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    This mower is all I have been using since they stopped making the Suzuki 2 stroke engine. I have used the same two for two years now. The cut is fine, mulches great. To me it is about the same as the Suzuki model proline as far as the cut and ground speed. No oil filter to change, the air filter is very easy to clean and will last a good long time. This Honda model has what they call the easy start, and believe me it is easy. Just barely pull the rope and it starts on the first pull every single time. There is no primer bulb. Extremely easy to start. The other thing I have noticed is that it runs forever on a tank of gas. I have tested this out a couple of times this year. I have cut 7 lawns (around 1/8 acre give or take) in a row on one tank of gas, and the tank only holds 1/2 gallon. Your fuel costs on this thing are next to nothing. All in all it has been a very good mower.
  3. S man

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    Thanks. anyone else?
  4. joed

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    I had the same problem, as you, with an 06 Toro proline with the kawasaki engine. The machine never cut evenly and Toro did nothing to help me with it. I think the honda powered unit is excellent. The only drawback is that the honda is not quite as powerful as the kawasaki. This might create problems for you, if you do a lot of mulching.
  5. S man

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    Did you keep or sell the unit? I have had several pieces of equipment that I didn't like over the years and have sold it. I like my snappers but they are not as solid as toro. I if could get a decent cut I would have a toro now. Has anyone had luck with a toro cutting good?
  6. S man

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  7. Gbug

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    I also have the kaw 21" proline, and have not been impressed with the mulching cut quality. I'm probably just gonna upgrade to a 32 or 36. I just think that a single 21" blade can only cut so well, compared to a dual or triple blade system with much more deck volume.
  8. S man

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    Hmmmm. The kawasaki powered ones seem to not cut good. What about the honda powered toro?
  9. Siesta Key Lawn Service

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    As far as reliability goes, I have found the Honda engine to be far superior to the Kawasawki. You might give up a little power,but the cut is just as good.If you are having getting through a lawn,you probably need a bigger mower with a few more horses.
  10. lawnpro724

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    I run 21" Toro's with both Kaw and Honda engines and they both cut the same and leave a nice looking cut. Toro makes 2 different deck models for their 21" proline if your having problems mulching are you sure you don't have the High Vac bagger w/ mulching kit, if you do it doesn't mulch anywhere as good as their mulching deck w/bagging attachment . Both mowers do the same thing except each one has it design preference.

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