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    I have a Toro GTS with the clutch system for the blade, its about an early 80's model. Runs fine but when the blade is engaged the blade seems to not rotate with the factory rpm's also it won't cut. This occurs about 70% of the time. Is it a stretched belt or something else. Thanks
  2. dutch1

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    Check for grass build up inside the BBC cover preventing the clutch from being fully engaging the belt. The other problem could be a worn out belt. At the same time check the idler on the engagement arm to make sure it is free and smooth.

  3. lawnboy858

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    I think I have the same problem with mine.

    The blade engages fine, and then I go to start cutting grass and it boggs down in 5 inch grass. Also, the engine stays at the same rpm's when this happens. It doesn't bog down and die.
  4. 0526

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    Probably need to replace belt and two pulley sheaves. Wear happens to both. Look for cupping in the big sheaves. Be careful putting BBC back together that the drive pulley at the top of the stack is in place properly. has free download of drive systems manual keyed to model number.
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    Yesterday my 3-blade mower one side stopped cutting, thou I could see the blade was spinning and everything looked all right, I was like wth! Turns out the blade bolt had come loose, they shouldn't do that but it did, so I might check that too.

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