Toro 21 with Suzuki 2 stroke no start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by era, May 13, 2009.

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    Have one of the suzuki 2 stokes on a Toro commercial 21 and it won't start. I only know the basics its got spark and its getting gas. Was running all day and my help killed it to move something out of a lawn and it will not start again. Put in a new plug and checked to make sure gas is getting through but I know last time I had this problem I cleaned the carbs went through everything took it in and it was the flywheel key. Wondering if it could be this again and after running search through the forums can't find a guide or anything on how to replace this. A link to the proper thread or some advice would be great got a full day of lawns tomorrow and will be hurting without this one.
    thanks in advance
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    Unless he hit something it wouldn't be the flywheel key -

    Sounds like it gor flooded when it stopped - or possibly has some poor quality fuel. Try pulling it over w/o the spark plug in it to clear out the cylinder. Also check to see if the governor linkage is moving the carb butterfly freely. Check the air cleaner to make sure it isn't saturated with fuel.

    If it has spark and you say it IS getting gas, it sounds flooded to me

    Good luck

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