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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by joed, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. joed

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    I was looking at purchasing one of these two mowers. The 22156 is the light duty toro commercial with the honda gsv engine and the 22197 is the non-BBC heavy duty toro 21" with the Kawasaki engine. In the spring, we tend to get thick, wet grass to deal with so I was looking at something that bags well and then mulches find in the summer. We also have to deal with bagging leaves in the fall. I kind of like the 22156 because it's lighter and can side-discharge but the mower's transmission and slower speed (3.1 mph vs 4.2 mph for the 22197) is worrisome. Price difference is about $200 more for the 22197. Any feedback on either machine would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    You'll appreciate how well the 22156 will side-discharge out of the right side compared to the 22197's rear discharge out to the left...especially when you need to mow concentrically in racetrack fashion so as NOT to remow the clippings. The QOC that the 22156 will give in a counter-clockwise direction will blow away the 22197's clockwise QOC.

    Toro's Atomic blades did well side-discharging for me in the midwest...making bagging unnecessary.
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    Yes, the 2 flaws in the 22156 are the ground speed and no variable drive. But at just 87 pounds it is light for a commercial mower.
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    Don't buy the commercial 21 get the heavy duty. I have two of the commercial 21's and they have major design flaws on the transmission. It's the same transmission as the homeowner models. It's also has a residential grade Honda motor. We tried to use them on some weekly high end residential properties. We couldn't keep the belt on the transmission. Currently work with toro to get a credit. We have 9 of the 21" heavy duty mowers they are great just heavy. Have several that are 10 yrs old. We wanted the light mower hoping it would help with rutting in wet conditions.
  5. joed

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    Thank you for the great feedback everyone. Do the non-BBC models bag wet grass decently?

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