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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TXLWN, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. TXLWN

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    I am looking at buying a couple toro timemasters. Has anyone used the new commercial unit? How much did you get it for? What about the residential grade has it held up? I have had several toro commercial 21's as well as the personal pace mowers. The commercials have been great and the personal paces held up well for a cheap mower plus they are inexpensive to fix when you do wear them out a little. Any info would be great thanks!
  2. Jaybrown

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    My favorite mower last year was the res toro 30. Excellent cut quality and also fun and easy to use. Picks up leaves like crazy. Mulches anything that's normal height. I want the commercial unit but my time master is still good.
  3. Richard Martin

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    The reviews on the Toro Timemaster resi version have been mixed. Some people like it, others hate it. I would certainly have to demo the mower on my lawns (not in the dealer's parking lot) before I laid out a grand for this mower. It is certainly no match for Bahia or crabgrass.

    The commercial version is very, very similar to the resi mower. It's additional features are a brush guard on the front, a separate gas tank, it's heavier and it has a Honda commercial 6 HP engine.

    The commercial versions of both the Toro and Exmark mowers are brand new this year so no one can really say how they'll perform. The dealers seem to be pretty excited about these new mowers so I doubt you'll get them to come off of the around $1800 list price much. And again, a demo in real world conditions is a MUST.
  4. Smallaxe

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    There have been complaints about being underpowered which is giving me second thoughts... I don't hear of any real difference between the old Resi. 30" and the new Comm. 30" so if I do get one it will be the residential, but I may not get it at all...
    I really like the idea, but am very leery of the workmanship of the American producer... with the mixed reviews I may very well get a "Lemon"...
  5. newguy123

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  6. ToddH

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    My dealer said he would likely let me have the commercial unit for around $1500. I forgot the exact number but he had the price book out and I can read upside down.

    There have various price points from full price, promotional and of course dealer cost.

    The bigger engine and fuel tank will be a major plus as well as the brush guard are a huge plus. I wish they would put casters in it. I think it will be a good option for residential mowing crews.
  7. StockmanLawnscape

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    We used the residential 30 all last year. All of our guys liked using it. The cut it left was top notch and always made yards look nice. However we had a few problem. Oil would leak out of the front, the self propelled started getting slower and slower as time went on, and it really wasn't built to take a beating in the commercial world. Would be great for a homeowner using it once per week, but with my guys using it 10 times per day, it didnt hold up so well. I will be getting the commercial unit this spring. Hope this helps
  8. ToddH

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    My basic understanding is northern grasses are a little hard to get a good cut on than warm season grasses. However warm season grasses are a little tougher grass.
  9. Valk

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    I thought the commercial engine was a KAW - not a Honda??

    QOC would be a deal breaker, imho. How nice a lawns looks when I leave is my sig for the week. And am guessing it wouldn't do too well on my 14 day lawns.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I was brought to believe it is going to be the Honda GCV160. It's not exactly a powerhouse.

    I just checked. It is a Kawasaki. My bad.

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